Posted by: Witch Doctor | September 11, 2010

The “Change” word


You are contemplating the word “change” My Black Cat?

You think the word “change” is meaningless unless it is understood what the change is from and what it is to?

Well, My Black Cat, the word “Change” crops up everywhere. You might say the two “Cs” “Change” and “Choice” are the fashionable words that many of  The Humankind are using at the moment. They are quite unlike that other “C” word – “Creep.” This is a word beloved by The Witching Community but The Humankind hardly understand the importance of Creep.

The words “Change” and “Choice” are now used so frequency by the leaders of our land that you would think there was some kind of intention to carve these words deep into the brains of The Humankind in order to evoke some kind of submission that both “C”s are necessary for survival. Generally, though, you are correct….. it is not clear what The Humankind have to change from, what they have to change to, and why The Change is necessary.

Change is perpetual, My Black Cat. Change has a pace of its own. Agents of Change are those people who are discontent with the pace of change or consider the direction of change is wrong. Governments, groups or individuals can set themselves up as Agents of Change. The results of manipulation of change by these self appointed Agents of Change can be good, bad, or incredibly ugly.

Incidentally, My Black Cat, the first time we came across the word “Change” linked to government and to healthcare was when the document “Agenda for Change” was produced. This “Change” was linked to The Skills Escalator – the stairway that most doctors in the UK had either never heard of or grasped the meaning of. The question we struggled with then was whether MTAS / MMC had its own Agenda of bringing the medical profession on to The Skills Escalator at various levels in order to prune and castrate the medical profession. A presentation given by three members of The Department of Health when they were far away in Australia suggested the incorporation of medical staff on to The Skills Escalator might be one of the “Changes” but this has not specifically surfaced in the UK … possibly because of all the fuss that was made over MMC / MTAS. It is possible the junior doctors scuppered The Change that was planned for them,…at least for a while.

MMC / MTAS was part of a much bigger picture, My Black Cat.

During the election each of the main parties seemed to think they were the party of Change. And how they rammed it down our throats! It seemed if we voted for any of them we voted for Change. So Change must be what we wanted, although we didn’t know why we wanted it, or what it was.

As a result …. total confusion.

Most of The Witches and Black Cats didn’t know how to vote. Even The Book of Spells could give us no direction. Indeed so many of The Witching Community were so fed up with the word “Change” that they didn’t vote at all.

So now we have the kind of government that most black cats and witches would agree lacks serious opposition.

And that can be precarious for a nation.

Anyway, what particular aspect of “Change” is bugging you at the moment, My Black Cat?

” The LCP Framework is a continuous quality improvement programme that can transform care of the dying within an environment. The implementation of the Framework will create a change situation. Recognition of the fundamental aspects of a change management programme is pivotal to success to empower, enable and engage those with whom you work.”

You want to know why it is necessary to win hearts and minds in order to “change” the way people die.

“Winning hearts and minds”

…..Since improvement depends on the actions of people, ultimately it comes down to winning hearts and minds. No matter how good you believe the LCP Framework is you cannot just expect others to do as they are told, not can you be everywhere at once to ensure compliance. Command and control will not be successful in this process.

Individuals may modify their behaviour and participate in change during the course of focused improvement effort, but if they do not emerge from the effort with fundamentally new capabilities or beliefs the performance benefits erode away and sustainable change is lost.”

You don’t understand why good people with beating hearts and sound minds cannot work out for themselves that death should be as comfortable and pain free as possible for everyone?

You don’t understand why this has to be explained to doctors and nurses who are supposed to be professional carers and are closer to caring for the dying than most people?

Well, My Black Cat, remember – the brains of the Humankind work in mysterious ways. Somewhere there will be an Agenda for Change that is not being fully explained for some reason. Perhaps The Humankind are considered to be too witless to understand the need for this Change. Hence the winning of hearts and minds will be necessary.

The Witch doctor thinks “Change” is all part of a much bigger picture.

The same Big Picture that MTAS / MMC was part of.

The same Big Picture that the Leadership Agenda is part of.

It is probably also the same Big Picture that your weird and wonderful “Common Purpose Conspiracy Theory” is part of. You really are a silly cat to think Common Purpose is a conspiracy. It is perfectly obvious it is part of The Big Picture of Change.

You Black Cats will need to see the whole picture instead of confusing yourself by focusing on one little brushstroke of The Big Picture.

Some people are now calling The Big Picture by a different name, My Black Cat.

They are calling it “The Big Society.”

But The Big Society is only part of The Big Picture.

And The Big Picture is the end result of many brush strokes which most black cats seem to think are unrelated.

But then, My Black Cat, you are not an artist.


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  1. Interesting post WD! For days I have been attempting to discover some sort of link with TEoLS/LCP and Common Purpose – but without success.
    But if you consider that Nick, David, John (Prescott),Mandelson, some NHS management, possibly some the GMC – although they deny it/or are ‘unable’ to provide details, Cyril, Liam and ?possibly Darzi have more than probable links to CP – and they sprinkle their speeches with common purpose/the big picture or society, maybe…. the LCP is part of the big plan of engineering society?
    Please visit NHS National End of Life Care Programme, specifically: for do you know that the 1st of November is “La Dia de los Muertes” -Day of The Dead and we are encouraged to hold parties, visit cemetaries and generally have a damn fine day!
    See you at the local cemetary, perhaps?

    • Geeeeeze….. You really have managed to gob-smack this witch with that link!
      It seems that death is a Fun Thing after all – just like Christmas.
      This definitely smacks of social engineering. I’ll have another read through this site and maybe MBC will look for Intertwinglements.
      NB We have a lovely local cemetery. Maybe tomorrow me and MBC will go along and put nice colourful bunting all around the graves!

  2. Geeze indeed. Hypercryptical, I clicked the link to the happy dying site or whatever it’s called – I’m aware I’m avoiding looking at this type of thing the Witch Doctor has been posting, as a couple of people very close to me come into the Crumbledom category, one in particular I think, if he goes into hospital again, will not come out… But there is such a thing as coincidence…I walk through a graveyard everyday, & am currently looking after a very poorly old black cat..maybe it all means nothing. Just like the fact that the contact number for the Dying Matters/National Council For Palliative Care website (who by the way also require permission to reproduce content) – is the same as the contact number for the MMC enquiry, . I presume the luther in their email addresses is for Luther Pendragon communications –, one of whose founders is very anti euthanasia, . Sorry for the long post. I’m sure everything is fine and I’m just being too cautious.

  3. Coincidence is everywhere, Cola-cube, and it is a real pest when me and MBC are looking for intertwinglements.

    Probably the similar email addresses reflect the closeness of these two sites to HMG and in particular the DofH.

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