Posted by: Witch Doctor | September 13, 2010

This is not Mexico!


I know this is not Mexico, My Black Cat. Why do you feel the need to enlighten me of the fact?

They think the UK should become A Little Mexico!

Who thinks that?

The UK government and lots of other important people.

Don’t be ridiculous, My Black Cat! Why would the government want us to be like Mexico? They have earthquakes there and that would cost the government and the insurance companies a pretty penny just at the time the economy needs boosted. There are other problems in Mexico too, I’m sure!

They want death to be a fun time for everybody, the way it is in Mexico…..

Don’t bore me with your ridiculous rubbish, My Black Cat!

Go and see if you can catch a nice big fat rat for The Cauldron. The Witch Doctor is sure she can smell one lurking around!


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  1. I am quite sure it will work as well as introducing 24 hour drinking did, when it brought European cafe culture throughout the land.

  2. eh?

  3. ,All members of Dying Matters are encouraged to arrange an event or activity for the Day of the Dead’.
    Such fun.
    I assume, Witch Doctor, you’ll be hosting some sort of do involving hot chocolate, as it’s a traditional Mexican drink? Whilst dressed as Carmen Miranda? (sorry, couldn’t think how else to get fruit AND chocolate in, yes I know Carmen wasn’t Mexican).

  4. Witch Doctor, colacube and gabbyjulie.

    I am born anew and shall embrace this brave new world! I have ceased to be a sceptic and am indeed preparing for our great new festival! I have begun to knit a fine poncho to keep me warm in the graveyard; I shall buy sombrero’s; I have googled recipes for pan de muerto, sugar skulls, atole and shall make chocolate cofffins and skulls (yum! yum!) and in the midst of the festivities – I shall invite my comaradre to complete an Advance Decision to Refuse Treatment!

    I cannot wait!

  5. Ah right, I see! Sounds tempting. I did dress up as Morticia once and got lots of compliments, which was slightly disconcerting. I’ll join you WD, as long as there’s no nasty pieces of paper to sign..

  6. […] seems some bloggers have their knitting needles out and are designing ponchos to wear to keep them warm when they hop […]

  7. […] to have our brains engineered by the experts from “Dying Matters`” who think that death is an all-embracing, whoopee matter that we should all be chattering about and celebrating on All Hallows […]

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