Posted by: Witch Doctor | September 15, 2010

A collision course


Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear…..

This situation is becoming dangerously out of hand.  Apparently with the rubber stamp of the government of this land, “Dying Matters” are encouraging all their members and even those who are not members to celebrate the dead. This is what they do in Mexico so it seems we have to be enticed to do it too!  They have even suggested going into schools to talk about death. If they all did that, then statistically they would include some child who was grieving for a parent, grandparent, sibling or other relative or friend.  A child in this situation will just love this fun approach to grief being thrust upon them by these self appointed Agents of Change when all that child can do at night is cry under the blankets. Are they going to have trained child psychiatrists or psychologists doing the rounds of schools on this fun day?  What plonkers they are!!! “The Day of the Dead” they are calling it.  Do they not know that “The Day of the Dead” that is celebrated in Mexico and other parts of the world is the result of a slow groundswell of natural change that has evolved over centuries. This is altogether different from social engineering.

It seems some bloggers have their knitting needles out and are designing ponchos to wear to keep them warm when they hop around the grave-yards.  Others are scouring the web for recipes for all things Mexican. And Chocolate! Carmen Miranda will appear and so will Mortica. There is even talk of getting everyone to sign up to some kind of Advance Directive for something or another. But Mortica refuses to come if she has to sign a bit of paper!

Now then, what everyone needs to know is that they are right on course for a Great Big Intergalactic Bang!

Do the not know the date of this celebration they are thrusting upon us?

Do they not know they are high-jacking the biggest celebration of the year?

They are declaring war on all witches, dead or alive or yet to be born that inhabit the universe.

The first of November is “All Hallows Day”

Do they not know that  All-Hallows-Eve, the 31st October is the night before All-Hallows-Day.

What do they think Halloween is about?

Do they not know that All-Hallows-Eve is the preamble to All-Hallows-Day – the one day of the year when all the witches congregate for a huge party as well as testing out the most dangerous of spells to check they have not gone a bit putrid. And if they have, woe betide any of The Humankind who gets in the way of one of these spells.  Do they not know this?

Do they not know that graveyards and the dead are our territory?  Every graveyard in the land will be infiltrated by witches of every age and every creed on the first day of November. It is not a place for members of governments or members of “Dying Matters” to dally – even if they think death is a fun thing.

Bloggers are of course welcome at our Hallowe’en and Hallowsday party but only if they can prove they carry The Witching Gene.

Incidentally, My Black Cat, who exactly are the members of the “Dying Matters” outfit.  Can you check it out?  You might come up with something interesting……


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  1. My Heavens WD – I never considered your case!
    As a mere mortal, I did not make the connection with All-Hallows Eve! I am suitably chastised!

    But pretty please – as the poncho is half-knit and is a fine work of art – may I enter your territory? I have printed off a thousand copies of the ADRT and plan a blanket coverage of nursing/care homes, pensioners clubs and any old biddy I see walking the streets.

    They will be mine!

    I have also written a little departure song (to the tune of “Summertime”).

    and dying is easy.
    Drugs are a-pumping
    And costs are no longer high.
    Rapid discharge is the goal
    and you are sent home quickly,
    So hush little lady and you’d better die!

    Do not I have Witch potential?

  2. I think that’s your poetic licence revoked, Hypercryptical;)

    However you must have some witching gene in you; ‘crypt’ is in your name after all..

  3. […] It seems Dying Matters is diversifying into the “Death Market.” Not only that, but they are doing everything within their power to ensure it is “A Jovial Death Market.” […]

  4. […] You wonder how much it is costing you, me and the other taxpayers to have our brains engineered by the experts from “Dying Matters`” who think that death is an all-embracing, whoopee matter that we should all be chattering about and celebrating on All Hallows Day. […]


  6. […] I suppose this is the sort of thing that happens when The Humankind try to high-jack the special witching day and call it “The Day of the Dead” […]


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