Posted by: Witch Doctor | September 19, 2010

Who will boost the economy? We will!


The Witch Doctor is of the opinion that the previous, this, and any other future government of the UK will never hold back in their attempts to privatise great chunks of UK health-care one way or another. The potential for health-care to boost the economy is just too good an opportunity to miss.

There are two commodities associated with health-care that are largely untapped in the UK.

1. Diagnosis, treatment and ongoing care of the ill.
2. Prevention of illness.

Some inroads have already been made into turning these two items into money spinning businesses. Sometimes it was difficult to be aware it was happening as NHS money was diverted into private companies that had doubtful or no patient benefit. The rise and fall of the polyclinic idea was an attempt to blatantly privatise much of the NHS. Recently it has become more subtle and you have to be aware where to look. Bad Medicine and The Jobbing Doctor have given some pointers over the weekend.

It struck The Witch Doctor that there is a third commodity that is another money-spinner – one that is only partially tapped into at present.

3. Death

Undertakers, coffin makers, and funeral directors are private companies mainly funded from the deceased’s estate. But they could do more to boost the economy.

Much more…..

What is stopping them?

You are, you foolish Humankind!

One of the travesties is that The Humankind inhabiting these islands apparently does not like to talk about death, plan it, or celebrate it. This means that lots of little death businesses never get off the ground. Everyone knows the importance of small businesses in boosting the economy.

Now it just so happens The Witch Doctor could point you in a direction you would just love to travel so that you are well equipped for your final journey. For example, she could tell you where you could have a beautiful felt shroud that looks for all the world like a giant autumn leaf. She could tell you where to have your very own one-off designer casket made for your ashes. She could tell you where to go if you want your ashes stuffed inside a firework or even several fireworks if you want to go up into the air with a big bang and a dazzle. If the relatives you leave behind are not up to it she could tell you where to go if you want your ashes scattered over the North Pole or in the depths of an equatorial jungle. And the moon, what about the moon???

Do you get my drift?

Before any of these things can happen you need to think about death and joyously embrace it! You need to make your plans early before you enter your dotage. Indeed you could add your death “wants list” as a P.S. to your Advanced Directive regarding End of Life Care – a little unique paragraph at the end written by you, for you, under all the boring tick boxes that follow instructions from on high. ( No, I don’t mean God, stupid!)

It will make your Advance Directive regarding End of Life Care much more personal and will give it a real touch of class!

I’ll tell you tomorrow or the day after where you can find all these “death goodies.”

If I can be bothered……


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