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Dying: doing it the government’s way


You want to nose your way around the “Dying Matters” website, because you think you can smell some fish?

I thought rat, not fish, was your favourite dish, My Black Cat. Though I suppose it might be a good place to find some dead fish then you won’t have the bother of catching them. You are becoming very lazy and before long will turn into a fat cat.

Well, My Black Cat, if you want to delve deeply into a website like this, the first thing you do is to have a look for the most important people – Chair and Chief Executive.

The Chairman of “Dying Matters” is Professor Mayur Lakhani CBE

Find out a bit more about him, My Black Cat……

1. He is a practicing GP and he appraises other GPs.
2. He is a past chairman of the Royal College of General Practitioners
3. He is considered to be in the top 50 most influential people

Surely that must just relate to healthcare, My Black Cat?


4. He seems to have something to do with landmarks, roadmarks and federations.
5. He serves on lots of Boards and important committees for example End of Life Care, Next Stage Review, Lord Darzi’s Primary and Community Care Advisory Board, NICE appraisal committee.

Stop! Stop! I can see he is very busy and very important My Black Cat.

No! There’s more…….

He is also Chairman of the National Council for Palliative Care


The Chief Executive of “Dying Matters” is Eve Richardson.

Find out more about her. ………

She is also Chief Executive of the National Council for Palliative Care.

1. She has previously been a Chief Executive in the NHS.
2. She has run a successful international consultancy
3. She is well qualified in death. She holds an MA in death and society.
4. She is a member of the Implementation Board that monitors progress with the National Strategy for End of Life Care.

So, My Back Cat, it seems “Dying Matters” is closely intertwingled with The National Council for Palliative Care. NCPC.

In fact, it the kind of Intertwinglement that goes round and round –  they are one and the same thing.

It seems NCPC, a charity, was asked by the previous government to set up and lead a new coalition to raise public awareness about dying, death and bereavement.

This charity seems very close to Government, My Black Cat.

They have also recruited others with particular expertise “leading exciting campaigns, marketing and promotional events.”

They have even recruited “a recognised global leader in the application of behaviour change and social marketing. He has extensive experience of developing, leading and managing public behaviour change projects and social marketing programmes at international, national, regional and local level.”

They also have links with Luther Pendragon:

“Luther Pendragon is one of the UK’s leading communications consultancies. It manages all types of communications and has an outstanding track record for delivering national, consumer-focused campaigns, which secure widespread engagement. They also cover strategic consultancy, crisis and corporate communications, public affairs and stakeholder relations. Luther has a long track record in the arts but their experience spans a diverse variety of sectors. Their clients range from large multinationals, through to government departments, national awareness-raising campaigns and all other kinds of public and third sector organisations.”

Well, My Black Cat, if this is not top down social engineering then I don’t know what is?

And it is NOT a conspiracy. It is blatant. It is written for all to see.

But then, The Humankind can never be bothered reading the details of anything.

The last government were determined to have all the citizens in the UK “open up” about death for some reason. Will the coalition want this Agent of Change to continue its government work?

And if so, Why? Is it really so that we can all have “A Good Death.”

And tell me, My Black Cat, why has this subsection of The National Council for Palliative Care, recruited among its members groups who are in favour of assisted suicide and voluntary euthanasia?

Why, for example, is “Friends at the End” a member?

The founder member of Friends at the End was “the test case” Libby Wilson, who in the Witch Doctor’s opinion should have been, in the public interest, charged and tried in a criminal court. Another key member of Friends at the End is Michael Irwin who was “struck off” by the GMC and who last week was heard pontificating on Radio 4 alongside the notorious australian Dr Nitschke, sometimes known as Dr Death.

Palliative care specialists have, up till now, distanced themselves from those promoting a change in the law to make assisted suicide and voluntary euthanasia legal.

So what do these same palliative care specialists think they are playing at now?

Could it be, My Black Cat, that thy have been struck down with The Creep and most of them haven’t even noticed?


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