Posted by: Witch Doctor | October 6, 2010

Dr Jewell, are you out there?


If you care to read this blog carefully, Dr Jewell, you will become aware that this witch does not smoke, and has never smoked, except for one small lapse that lasted about two minutes.

The Witch Doctor thinks smoking is a ridiculously witless activity.

Inhaling-smoke-into-your-lungs-cannot-be-a good-thing-and-we-witches-did-not-need-you-or-Richard-Doll-to-tell-us-so-we-worked-it-out-for-ourselves-probably-before-you-were-born!!!!

However, we witches also understand some of the reasons why some people smoke. Killing children is not one of these reasons.

The Witch doctor cannot say, however, that she will never smoke in the future!

She might be driven to it!

All witches are contrary souls who hate to be organised, dictated to or bullied!

Then we do exactly the opposite of what we are expected to do, even if it causes us harm!

And some of The Humankind will probably follow this illogical philosophy too!

They call us free-spirited.

Like Charlie…

In the land of Julie and The Oldest Sage Witch’s Highland Granny, they would say we were “thrawn.”

How will society deal with thrawn individuals if doctors harness the law and in so doing choose to dictate to us?

Will they get us jailed?

Some time ago, there was a little flurry about not allowing adults to smoke in cars if children were present. The Witch doctor held her breath waiting for The Creep.

Now watch The Creep!

In Wales,

“In his 2009 annual report to be published later, he said the proposed ban on tobacco vending machines and shop promotions for tobacco products “goes some way in addressing the problem but we must go further”.

He said if the assembly government extended the ban on smoking to private cars and encouraged smoke-free policies in homes where children live, it would help to discourage children from taking up smoking themselves in later life and may help some adults to quit.

He said: “As a society, creating such a measure is a powerful statement of intent about our commitment to the health of our children”.

How in the name of all the levitating frogs are you going to legislate for this without having Orwellian cameras in every household in the land?

Yes, every household. Children visit grannies and others, you know!

Oh, you don’t mean to legislate?

Of course not……

Not yet.

You’ve been reading about what is happening in the USA, haven’t you?

Are you a sheep?

“No Smoking signs are popping up at some apartment complexes and condos, barring people from lighting up even in their own homes.

And in places where smoking is permitted, tenants and owners are beginning to seek protection from the secondhand smoke they say is seeping into their apartments”.

You silly, silly Billy! Can you not see logic of The Creep that will follow this crazy idea?

Or are you just testing “The Wisdom of the Crowd’ on this controversial (and stupid) matter?

Go and do something useful like trying to levitate a frog as a preamble to winning a Nobel Prize, like two free spirited members of our society who came from another society that was not renowned for freedom.



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  1. Heehee..:)

    Levitating a frog sounds like a very witchy pursuit, WD. And yes, this does bring out my thrawn gene. I never took up smoking myself and my Dad only gave it up because in his words, he was sick subsidising the sanctimonious self righteous bunch that didn’t smoke, via taxes. I’m afraid that people concentrate on stuff like this because they can’t do anything about big issues, so they spend all their energy on this. Maybe we should send them paintballing at weekends to make them use up their surplus energy and then they would stop bothering the rest of us..

  2. […] Witch Doctor is a lifelong non-smoker who follows the following […]

  3. […] Witch Doctor is a lifelong non-smoker who follows the following […]

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