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IWantGreatCare: “Lessons have been learned”


My Black Cat has unearthed a document.

She is scratching her head.


1. How much public money is paid to Iwantgreatcare in respect of NHS Milton Keynes?
2. How many reports have been made on Iwantgreatcare in respect of Milton Keynes General Practitioners?


“1. IWGC was a one year pilot funded by the SC SHA Innovation funds and Public Health grant money – it has not been funded to continue following this pilot.”

Uh huh. “Innovation funds and Public Health grant money.” That’s our taxes, is it not?

2. “The response rate of >500 ‘hits’ on the website, 44 reviews on GPs (16 GPs in total) and 28 reviews on GP Practices”

Glory be…..

500 hits in a year! Even the Witch Doctor’s blog does better than that!

3. ” The link is no longer available from our website

4. Enclose the DRAFT summary assessment of the pilot – this will be going to PEC in October


Pilot Project Summary: ‘iWantGreatcare’ Patient Experience data capture

Period of report June 2009 – March 2010

Prepared for Gillian Prager, Director of Clinical Standards, Engagement and Workforce

Prepared by Michaela Firth, Programme Manager

Executive Summary

‘iWantGreatCare‘ (iWGC) is a web based tool which, during the pilot, aimed to ‘continuously measure, monitor and share real‐time patient experience across commissioned services from Q3 2009/10 to enhance public perception of the NHS, monitor ‘dignity and respect’, inform commissioning and ultimately improve patient experience.’

“tools”…. ‘patient experience”…. “dignity”….

“The pilot of this methodology was commissioned by NHS Milton Keynes in June 2009. The pilot project sat in SDB1 “Maintain Patient Safety and National Standards” under section ‘Improve patients experience. By implementing routine, real‐time, geographical area‐based patient experience reports, patient experience would inform commissioning decisions and quality accounts. This project also supported WCC competencies 1, 3 5 and 8. The initial discussions for using iWGC were progressed in March 2009 along with the Rasorfish project, headed up by Dr Diane Gray.

“patient experience, patient experience, patient experience,” “competencies 1,3,5,8″…

What the devil is the Rasorfish project???? Is it dangerous?????

As part of this project, a clinical standard for patient experience was developed for NHS MK, to use for quality and outcome metrics in provider contracts specifically for Commissioning for Quality and Innovation (CQUIN).”

“metrics” …

The project, which supported key DH and PCT drivers, aimed to facilitate engagement of stakeholders to share findings and encourage ratings and reviews, as well as effectively engage with patient and public of Milton Keynes.

The pilot achieved in excess of 500 ‘hits’ to the NHS Milton Keynes URL web address. There were 44 reviews of doctors and 28 reviews of surgeries, of which approximately 50% went onto to be ‘confirmed by the reviewer’ e.g. they appeared on the iWGC website. Only 16 individual doctors were rated of these 15 of these had a rating of over 88 % ‘satisfaction’ and one was rated at 50%.

Oh it’s not 500 hits it’s “In excess of 500 hits.” Well, what do you mean? Was it 501 or 50,001 or 5,000,001? How about some clarity?

So what was said about the 16 doctors? What did they score for TRUST?

“The project was managed within NHS Milton Keynes, by Michaela Firth (seconded from the South Central PCT Alliance team) and supported by project management from ‘iWGC’ as a part of the overall contract. Given the low levels of confirmed reporting (which was in line with NHS Choices and other similar web based systems) it was agreed to discontinue the project at the end of the pilot.”

How much did iWGC project management cost. Was it free, just to get them started?

“Lessons have been learnt both in the commissioning of such pilots and the necessity to have stakeholder buy‐in throughout the implementation. These have been passed on to local provider organisations who may find this tool beneficial in terms of real time patients experience feedback to inform their quality reports.”

Why did you not listen to the medical blogosphere? Then you would have had an answer to your pilot before you spent the money.


My Black Cat is still scratching her head.

She wants to know how much the trial cost.

That was one of the questions.

Or was it?



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