Posted by: Witch Doctor | October 20, 2010

Big sharp jaggy fish?


My Black Cat’s diet has two staples. Rats and fish. She has recently expressed a preference for fish for some reason.

Anyway, you can imagine how excited she became when she discovered that there was a Rasorfish around. She thought it sounded big and tasty and a challenge to catch. But the name didn’t make much sense to her, so she thought it might be a mis-spell.

She Googled both rasorfish and razorfish.

If you look up “rasorfish” you find The Witch Doctor’s blog right at No 1, Page 1 of Google. Since My Black Cat does not consider The Witch Doctor to be that important, she deduced it was probably a mis-spelling on the part of the executive summary disclosure in yesterday’s post.

So, she concentrated on Razorfish.

She found Razorfish was a very, very big fish indeed that at one time was taken over in 2007 by Microsoft and then sold again in 2009…..

“On August 9, Paris-based holding company Publicis Groupe SA agreed to acquire Razorfish from Microsoft for USD $530 million in cash and shares, which in turn gave Microsoft a 3% equity stake in Publicis Groupe.”

So, Razorfish still has links with Microsoft.

Early in 2008 The Witch Doctor commented on the fact that she had learned the NHS was then Microsoft’s biggest single customer.

She felt a bit sorry for Steve Jobs, because WD is an Apple kind of witch.

Anyway here is Wiki’s take on Razorfish.

“Razorfish Inc. (formerly Avenue A | Razorfish) is one of the world’s largest[1] interactive agencies and one of the largest buyers of digital advertising space. Razorfish provides services including digital advertising and content creation, media buying, strategic counsel, analytics, technology and user experience.[2] Razorfish was acquired by Microsoft as part of its acquisition of aQuantive Inc., but functioned as an independent company. In June 2009, it was reported that Microsoft had put the company up for sale.[3] On August 9, 2009, Microsoft sold the firm to Publicis Groupe[4] for $530M in cash and stock.”

Razorfish is also bird-like. It tweets.

It dabbles in “Social Influencing Marketing”

It is well into the jargon of “customer experience” and “thought leadership”

Here is Razorfish’s home page. The Witch Doctor doesn’t like it much – there is too much visual and auditory noise for a witch with impeccable taste!

If you can bear to surf around the site, you’ll find they have an interest in The Healthcare Industry and acknowledge it is extremely complex.

You bet it’s complex, My Black Cat.

They seem to be addressing “patient, physician and payor”

What’s a “payor” My Black Cat? Does this word appear in your feline medical dictionary?

This Extra Large Extra Sharp Fish is of the opinion that there is a digital advantage:

It is this:

“The comfort and care of a house call can begin at the home computer”

They are into

“consumer experiences that are as dynamic, elegant, and interesting as the people using them”

Goodness gracious me, My Black Cat, they are talking about our patients!

Goodness gracious me again, My Black Cat, is Iwantgreatcare not about patient experience?

Is at all possible that The Rasorfish Project is a mis-spelling and it is really The Razorfish Project?

And could this be something to do with the information we gleaned in yesterday’s post? Were they comparing two different “Patient Experience” establishments and there is now a winner and loser?

“The pilot of this methodology was commissioned by NHS Milton Keynes in June 2009. The pilot project sat in SDB1 “Maintain Patient Safety and National Standards” under section ‘Improve patients experience. By implementing routine, real‐time, geographical area‐based patient experience reports, patient experience would inform commissioning decisions and quality accounts. This project also supported WCC competencies 1, 3 5 and 8. The initial discussions for using iWGC were progressed in March 2009 along with the Rasorfish project, headed up by Dr Diane Gray.”

I don’t suppose our Razorfish can be anything to do with this – but my, oh my, how My Black Cat and I love dabbling in Intertwinglements!

Incidentally, My Black Cat did you know that:

“Razor fish can be a great addition to your bait. When used in a cocktail with Squid, Black Lug or Blow Lug, can give some really good results.”

And…… My Black Cat, you’d be much better off sticking to rats. Razor fish are small and are used as bait to catch bigger fish.



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