Posted by: Witch Doctor | October 29, 2010

Halloween and The Day of the Dead


Well, well, My Black Cat, The Eve of All Hallows is nearly upon us and we still have much to do in preparation for The Great Big Party when all witches and black cats get together for our annual festivities.

This year, we discovered that we have competitors. The politicians seem to be using a charity to do some of their social engineering work for them regarding the public attitude to death. They too are holding a great big party. They are calling it “The Day of the Dead” in an attempt to convince Jo and Josephine Bloggs that they should be celebrating death rather than dreading it or even sweeping it under the carpet, heaven forbid!


As expected, the terminology is all sanitised, and peppered with our old friends “patient choice,” “a good death,” “dignity” and so on….. What we witches think is really reprehensible about all of this, My Black Cat, is that the government, or rather the previous government, blatantly recruited the umbrella charity “The National Council for Palliative Care” (NCPC), to do their dirty dignified work for them.

“NCPC was asked by the Government to set up and lead a new Coalition to raise public awareness about dying, death and bereavement. This is called Dying Matters Coalition, which has a small expert project team, a stakeholder group and has already recruited nearly 12,000 coalition members in its first year.”

And of course, the members of NCPC have agreed to perform the government’s work for them. They have undergone Creep as only the humankind can. They have even recruited “a recognised global leader in the application of behaviour change and social marketing. He has extensive experience of developing, leading and managing public behaviour change projects and social marketing programmes at international, national, regional and local level.”

Presumably, The Bloggs family are, like you and me, paying for this Change Agent through tax. Since we are told we are living in times of austerity when money must not be wasted, it would seem that whipping up public interest in death is considered to be money well spent.

Wonder why, My Black Cat?

Wonder why…….

Under and Over Ground

Do you remember My Black Cat, when we brought attention to a group called “Friends at the End.”

“And tell me, My Black Cat, why has this subsection of The National Council for Palliative Care, recruited among its members groups who are in favour of assisted suicide and voluntary euthanasia?

Why, for example, is “Friends at the End” a member?

The founder member of Friends at the End was “the test case” Libby Wilson, who in the Witch Doctor’s opinion should have been, in the public interest, charged and tried in a criminal court. Another key member of Friends at the End is Michael Irwin who was “struck off” by the GMC and who last week was heard pontificating on Radio 4 alongside the notorious australian Dr Nitschke, sometimes known as Dr Death.

Palliative care specialists have, up till now, distanced themselves from those promoting a change in the law to make assisted suicide and voluntary euthanasia legal.

So what do these same palliative care specialists think they are playing at now?””

Shortly after this post appeared on The Witch Doctor, “Friends at the End” disappeared from the list of members of Dying Matters.

This is the page where it featured once upon a time.   But no longer………

Me and My Black Cat were both flattered that somebody from “Dying Matters” reads our blog!

We were even more flattered that it led to some action.

Some will say it was just coincidence, but we have reason to think that it was not.

Now then, My Black Cat, there is another group which is associated with assisted suicide / euthanasia. They are still members of “Dying Matters.”

See if you can find them on their website.

And then ask yourself this:

Is it appropriate that specialists in palliative care align themselves with groups who want the laws on assisted suicide and euthanasia changed, so that it is not an offence to kill a patient who requests it?

Now that we have mentioned it, My Black Cat, let’s see if this other pro-euthanasia group is deleted from Dying Matters website soon.

This name of this group is DIGNITY IN DYING If this group does not disappear as did “Friends at the End, then it seems that the leaders of our society have succeeded in aligning specialists in palliative care with pro-euthanasia groups.

Do you think Dignity in Dying will be deleted, My Black Cat?

Or do you think it will stay?

It is always interesting for a witch to watch Social Engineering and Creep in operation.

Isn’t it , My Black Cat?

Here is The Saga unfolding :











  1. He has extensive experience of developing, leading and managing public behaviour change projects and social marketing programmes at international, national, regional and local level.”

    International, national, regional, local… Great.flying in ever decreasing circles till he disappears up his a***..

    Anyway, worrying stuff. I’m impressed you made ‘Friends at the End’ disappear, WD. Not so easy. I think the assisted dying bill in Scotland is a non runner from what I’m hearing; there’s too many people against it, but they will try again. And again…

  2. Bravo re ‘Friends at the End’! I am certain your spells led to their demise! I am just as certain that Dignity in Dying did not ever realise they were participators in the ‘Great Plan’ until your exposure of same. A bit of a Facebook Friends thing? Don’t know who 90% of them are – but hey – it looks good! Let’s hope that ‘Dignity in Dying’ will remove themselves with the dignity that they hold so dear!

    Enjoy you Great Big Party and regards to MBC.
    Only hope we’re not in the same graveyard! Poncho knitted, sombrero purchased – so I’m going to party too! If we should be at the same venue – just cast one of your excellent spells and make me into a toad until your parties over!

    Anna :o]

  3. Oops! Freudian slip there WD – why did Freud wear a slip? Dying Matters, third sentence – not the dignity stuff!

    Golly Gosh – I am just a mere human!

    Anna :o]

  4. On Dignity In Dying’s home page: New campaign group launched (Oct 13th)…Healthcare Professionals for Change, with a link to their website, , Doctors & Nurses For Choice In Dying. They want to “change medical culture: For those with terminal conditions, the dying process is not a failure of the heathcare team or the patient – but it does become a failure if the patient suffers an undignified death. Moreover since dying in these circumstances is not a failure, help in dying should be thought of as assisting dying and not assisting suicide.”
    Prof Raymond Tallis is there, speaking of the need for change, (, he overcame his worries that legalizing assisted dying would reduce palliative care funds: “In many countries, the legalisation and regulation of assisted dying has been accompanied by increasing investment in palliative care services. In Oregon the proportion of people dying in hospice care has increased from 37% in 2002 to 52% in 2009 – one of the highest rates in the USA.”
    Erm but of course that could not be why palliative care providers would be interested then? Bring out your (nearly) dead. Guaranted income stream.

  5. Julie,

    MBC has been wading through the Scottish Bill page by page, and after partying around the cemeteries tonight she says she will tell me some of the fascinating things about it. She has hinted, for instance, that they had to spirit somebody from south of Hadrian’s wall who in the past has crossed the WD’s path, to give evidence in favour of the Bill. Wonder why? Wonder who?

  6. Hypercritical,

    All this “dying” and “dignity” jargon even gets witches mixed up at times, so don’t despair that you might be human.

    I suspect you’re right about Dying Matters and their members – just going along with the flow…..

    My bet is that Dying Matters will come across this post on Monday or Tuesday but they won’t remove “Dignity in Dying” from their membership. They are too high a profile and it might upset them and that would never do.

    Witches can be wrong of course…….

  7. Cola Cube,

    Thanks for this information, I was aware of a small number of doctors launching a pro-euthanasia stance this month but it had passed me by they were so closely affiliated to Dignity in Dying. MBC will read about them in more detail and no doubt will egg me on to do a post about them soon!

  8. […] This is exactly what The Witch Doctor said would happen in a comment below a previous post. […]

  9. […] on their behalf. They wanted the Humankind to embrace death and celebrate it in many ways and so The National Council of Palliative Care begat “Dying Matters” in order to help the government with their aims. Dying Matters even held a nationwide “Day Of The […]


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