Posted by: Witch Doctor | November 8, 2010

Foundation X, The Archbishop and Prince Charles


You think I am wrong about the Mother of All Scams?

I don’t think so, My Black Cat. The Witch Doctor is seldom wrong. Lord James of Blackheath has cleverly left it up to The Blogosphere to identify and spread the news about The Scam that other countries have fallen for. Hopefully, this outfit will no longer be able to fool other governments so easily after hearing Lord James of Blackheath’s speech in The Upper House. His work is done. We will hear no more about it.

It intrigues The Witch Doctor that many bloggers, mainly from abroad, think the House of Lords is full of eccentrics. Some suggest Lord James’s speech justifies expelling all the hereditary peers.

What a load of tosh, My Black Cat. Can they not work out for themselves that Lord James is NOT a hereditary peer?

Can they not work out that eccentricity is the norm in the UK? It is often linked to the British Sense of Humour.

For example here is a site that has Anne Widdicombe dancing The Charleston. The Webmaster of this site is of the opinion that she should sit in the House of Lords. The Witch Doctor agrees, for she has a soft spot for Lady-to-be Widdicombe who is a great eccentric with a wonderful sense of humour, but like many eccentrics, she is no-bodies fool!

The Webmaster of the above site is Archbishop Cranmer. It appears he is an eccentric also, just like Lady-to-be Widdicombe and The Witch Doctor. It is likely therefore that His Grace carries The Witching Gene. He also has interesting views on Foundation X.

You have eccentric views also, My Black Cat?

You think Foundation X is Prince Charles…….


Holy Moly, My Black Cat, that really is eccentric.

As well you know, The Witch Doctor has a soft spot for Prince Charles just as she has for Anne Widdiecombe

He talks to plants.

Just like The Witch Doctor.

Now, what made you dream up this craziest of all the theories, My Black Cat?

You read about it……

Uh Huh……….

Let me read it too, My Black Cat. It sounds very much you have entered The Black Hole of a conspiracy site, and it will get you over-excited.

And that would never do!


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  1. I watched the video of Lord Blackheath making this speech. He looked and sounded very nervous; he was taking a lot of deep breaths and towards the end of the speech he sounded as if he was out of breath! I cannot believe that this is anything but tongue in cheek on his part; his record in business means that he’s not an easy touch. I still can’t make head or tail of it though.

    • Neither can I Julie. I don’t think a man of his experience will be easily conned. The blogosphere seems to be of the view that he was indeed conned or he had lost the plot. The latter seems a premature knee-jerk reaction since it would require a medical assessment. Would his fellow peers have allowed him to speak if they knew he had been showing signs of mental instability? Or drunk? Would they want him to make a fool of himself? The main media have generally been silent on the issue although he was interviewed by Sky news and in my view came across better than he did in the Lords when I thought too that he was a trifle nervous, but he spoke without notes looking at them only when referring to ” Foundation X”

      The reference MBC made in this post concerned a book which I have not read suggesting that Prince Charles has far more influence behind the scenes than is often realised. I don’t know whether the claims made are credible. Maybe I’ll buy MBC a copy of it for Christmas and have a read myself. I’m interested because The Intertwinglements originating from CP (without reference to the conspiracy websites) have become tangled not only within the heart of government but with the House of Windsor also. The trouble with Intertwinglements is that they are like constructing a family tree. In no time at all everyone is related to everyone else!

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