Posted by: Witch Doctor | November 18, 2010

iPod, iPhone, iPad…. whatever next? iDarzi?



Trouble is, black cats and witches don’t seem to be able to find it on the App Store.

Perhaps we are excluded because they know The Book of Spells serves us well and so we have no need for an “iDarzi.”

Or perhaps witches and black cats are just a bit thick when it comes to navigating the Apple store.

Those who read this blog, will be aware that The Witch Doctor has had a strong symbiotic relationship with Apple since the very first Macintosh appeared on the scene. Over the years WD has owned, and provided for her children, many computers and other gadgets with the Apple logo.

Also, The Witch Doctor has often blogged how she is totally against protocol driven medicine.

On the other hand, she is very enthusiastic about tele-medicine. She thinks eventually the iPad, or other similar devices that will soon spawn, will play a major roll in telemedicine.


The Witch Doctor also believes telemedicine will be used inappropriately. No. Stronger than that……at times it will be abused.

She does not know whether the “iDarzi” will help or hinder good medical practice, because she cannot access the App!

You probably won’t understand why, in the convoluted mind of a witch, what is written above is connected to what is written below.  One day, way down the line, you might – if The Witch Doctor makes a decision to tell you how and why one of the Witch Children almost died of acute appendicitis.

This is, after all, one of the many reasons why The Witch Doctor continues to blog. She has several similar stories she could tell.

If she ever does reveal the appendicitis story, and she has grappled with this decision for quite a while, then it should be a wake-up call for consultants everywhere ……and politicians too.

For sure, Apps, iPhones, iPads, “iDarzis” and all the telemedicine in the world would NOT have helped in the management of this appendicitis one little bit.

What would have helped, was the proper practice of medicine that has been tried and tested by good doctors everywhere over many years…… an experienced doctor taking a careful and thorough patient history, followed by a careful and proper examination resulting in a differential diagnosis, leading to appropriate and timely investigations, narrowing down to a final diagnosis followed by timely treatment.

Plus a consultant in charge of the patient who knew when it was safe to delegate to junior staff and when it was not, and who at all times kept his/her finger on the pulse of all his/her patients.

A consultant delivered service.

This did not happen… until it was nearly too late.

So, The Witch Doctor almost mourned the loss of a child.


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  1. Hi WD,

    Pleased to hear your little one pulled through – it must have been very scary at the time. The near death of a child is very difficult to forget.

    Lets hope the consultant learned a lesson too.

    Anna xxx :o]

    • Thanks for your thoughts Anna. I doubt I’ll ever blog the whole story, but instead will forever underline the importance of the very basics of medical practice…an art, a science backed by experience and by all means helped along the way by guidelines or aide memoires, but never by protocol which often means overdelegation or even abdication of responsibility for the patient. Unfortunately I sometimes see the steps towards diagnosis being glossed over or missed out completely. Telemedicine at its best could be a powerful tool in diagnosis and treatment but if used as a substitute for the basics of medical practice could do untold harm.

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