Posted by: Witch Doctor | November 20, 2010

Poo and Triple Seven


Apparently they had a Day of the Dead Tele-seminar.

Then they had a Day of the Dead Celebration at Chiltern Woodland Burial Park . If you check out the link closely, you will see it seems they were so rowdy that they raised a skeleton from the graveyard and he (I think it is a male pelvis) started to play the fiddle. Doubtless some years before he will have had a fun funeral, and they probably had a special coffin made for him to accommodate his Stradivarius. Perhaps his Special Coffin was made by one of the members of “Dying Matters.” Perhaps he happily discussed the design of his coffin with this member once he realised he was supposed to talk about his imminent death to everyone so that they could prepare for the celebration. Perhaps he even looked forward to a death as part of the “Cycle of Life” when he could lie cuddling his Stradivarius for all eternity.

“Anyone can participate in this special day, whether or not their loved one is buried in the park – please come along and take part, and see for yourself how death is a part of the cycle of life.”

The Witch Doctor sees where they are coming from, however this is sanitising talk. It is more likely that life is part of the cycle of death. In more scientific terminology, death is part of the nitrogen cycle and incidentally, that is why dog owners should not shovel dog poo into plastic bags. Dog poo is also part of the nitrogen cycle or “The Cycle of Life” if you prefer to call it that.

Actually, we witches seldom use the word “poo” when we are talking among ourselves. We use the word “shit” a lot but we are using “poo” here for the benefit of The Sanitary Humankind. And you will note we have not placed the lovable shit which should be celebrated in a plastic bag but on a newspaper which doubtless will also become part of the celebrated “Cycle of Life.”

Enough of these festivities.  There are more serious matters to be discussed.

Seven is The Witching Number.

Seven times three is Twenty One. So, as you can imagine 21 is a Very, Very Witching Number.

We have given them 21 days. Haven’t we, My Black Cat?

In 21 days, “Dying Matters” has not removed “Dignity in Dying” from its membership.

This is exactly what The Witch Doctor said would happen in a comment below a previous post.

However, “Dying Matters” immediately removed “Friends at the End” shortly after The Witch Doctor posted about them.

I wonder why “Friends at the End” was removed from the “Dying Matters” website and yet DIGNITY IN DYING was  not…..

The Witch Doctor thinks she knows the answer.

Can you work it out too, My Black Cat?


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  1. I think you’re not taking this Day of the Dead seriously enough, Witchdoctor. I think there might be grave consequences for you if you don’t (haha grave, geddit?)
    I can’t bear the thought of the British doing Day of the Dead; they just don’t have the morbid edge that the Spanish and Mexicans have to carry it off. One embarrassed dancing skeleton does not a Dia Dos Muertos make. On the other hand, maybe they all died of boredom in the seminar..

    Anyway, the good news is that Margo McDonald’s bill has bombed in committee. I thought it would, but I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw that it had. So why is ‘Dignity in Dying’ still on there? Is it because Patricia Hewitt is on the committee? And btw, who was the person they called from across the border to give witness at the Scottish evidence taking session? I caught up with your comments a few days ago, and meant to ask you.

    Out with the snowy owls tonight; was watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and came home late.. woo woo..

  2. Mmmm WD, the images of the Day of the Dead Celebration would indicate it was a non event – unless they were hiding behind the trees!

    As to why Dignity in Dying is still a member…. Dr Ann McPherson (and she has my heartfelt sympathy) perhaps and the growing(?) organisation of Healthcare Professionals For Change who are mentioned on their homepage?


  3. Ah, Julie, if The Witch Doctor is not mistaken, I think you will find that very person in conversation in this post.

    and no, it’s not Dr Grumble!

    WD still wonders whether there are no philosopher/ethics-types north of Hadrian’s wall in favour of euthanasia. Hence someone from the south had to be beamed up……

  4. Anna, it looked to me too as if it was a non event. However The Humankind needs to remember that those inhabiting a cemetery might treat technical things like cameras with disdain and fox them by remaining invisible.

    The website is a fun thing though. I came across a photo of an exhibition they had. There was a table of multicoloured cookie jars lined up. I can’t find it just now but if you come across it, check out the face of the one “customer” who’s casting an eye over them. It looks as if she doesn’t really want such a “cookie jar”in her kitchen or even her mantelpiece. But then maybe enthusiastic sales talk from a “change agent” will get her to change her mind!

  5. Iain Brassington?! You’re kidding me? What in the name of the wee man has he to do with Scottish legislature? What a nerve. We do have Sheila McLean; she’s prof of ethics at Glasgow Uni and I would have expected her to put her tuppenceworth in. Unfortunately, she’s of the same ilk as Iain and the others. But what a nerve. It just shows you how organised and persistent this lot are. He’d no right to come and do that. Wonder who invited him.

  6. It is surely he:

    Maybe he has a highland granny, just like The Oldest Sage Witch! Maybe they even have the same granny!

  7. […] Matters” in order to help the government with their aims. Dying Matters even held a nationwide “Day Of The Dead” on 1st November this year. We are not sure that many of The Humankind attended these celebrations […]


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