Posted by: Witch Doctor | December 8, 2010

We have been very patient…..


Indeed we have. My Black Cat and I have been very, very patient.

We have more patience than befits a witch or a black cat.

We have been waiting for many days for “Dying Matters” – the outfit that is part of “The National Council for Palliative Care” to remove their pro-euthanasia member “Dignity in Dying”

They have NOT removed it and The Witch Doctor has always assumed that they won’t.


It seems The Palliative Care folks are cuddling up to their comfort blanket with their pet name Euthanasia embroidered all over it.

Is it a comforter or a shroud, My Black Cat?

And yet they have removed another pro-euthanasia member “Friends at the End.”

Why do you suppose they have removed one pro-euthanasia member and not the other, My Black Cat?

Do you suppose it might be related to the fact that we drew attention to the fact that Friends at the End were dallying with some controversial people who were sailing too close to a chilling legal wind?

You think so, My Black Cat?

The Witch Doctor thinks there is another reason and it is related to the membership of Dignity in Dying.

Its patrons are well-known, important people.

Some of them are well-respected, well-liked, and even well-loved by society.

Some of them are well-respected, well-liked and even well-loved by The Witch Doctor……. and that takes some doing.

Here they are:

Nick Ross
Lorde Joffe
Professor A C Grayling
Sir Terry Pratchett
Rosemary Brown OBE
Zoe Wanamaker
Professor Raymond Tallis
Jo Brand
Simon Weston OBE
A N Wilson
Matthew Wright
Dr Charles Middleborough

Watch them randomly go around and around the mulberry bush at the top of the Dignity in Dying home page.

Well-respected, well-liked, and well-loved members of society always appeal to “The Mob”

If it’s OK with them, then it’s OK with us, “The Mob” will say benevolently.

The folks at “Dignity in Dying” will probably be aware of this. They might even be making use of this for all we know. Of course, everyone will take offence at a witch referring to The Humankind as “The Mob.” Won’t they, My Black Cat?

It is so, so desperately politically incorrect…..

We better tell them what we mean by “The Mob.”

“The Mob” simply refers to those who agree or disagree with what is put before them without paying attention. Or even worse… they go with the flow without agreeing or disagreeing with anything. They are the automatons of The Human Kind. They are the Homer Simpson D’oh folks of the world.

Members of “The Mob” at the moment are busy making mince pies or shovelling snow or slithering down slippery slopes. Going with the flow might well conceal a slippery slope.

Incidentally, slippery slopes are the topic of conversation in a BMJ Ethics Blog at the moment. It might be worth a read.

Slippery slopes are also making an appearance in Bad Medicine right now.

“The Mob” is making an appearance there too.


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  1. Did you put the extra ‘e’ in ‘Lorde Joffe’ in on purpose? Like it..

    I’m just about ready to do a post on what’s been happening up here. I was surprised at the scale of the defeat up here; I thought Margo McDonald wouldn’t win, but I didn’t think it would be quite so crushing. And so we have a situation (and this is what intrigues me) where the political class has set its face against the media and I thought that they (the media) were acting at their bidding. Which leaves the question; who is pushing this? I fear (and hope) that Terry Pratchett and the like are nothing more than useful idiots in all of this, but the anti euthanasia lobby badly needs some media savvy popular folk to stand up and oppose this. Trouble is, if they did, I don’t think it would get reported. There’s forces at work here that haven’t shown their face yet and I wonder who they are.

  2. These “e”s slip in all over the place. They are difficult to control. Its a kind of spell I suppose.

    All of this reminds me of the Irish Referendum. Keep going till the answer is the “correct” one. Immediately the Scots turn it down it pops up in England again (this time with the watchful eye of Demos in the wings).

    The Scottish minutes make interesting reading but I’ve not finished them yet. I’m still wondering how many Scots with a formal Scottish “Ethics” background would have supported this bill. Were they just not there? Was Professor Sheila McLean, a lawyer, the only Scottish one who strongly supported it?

  3. Did David Shaw pop his head up anywhere? He’s working in Scotland just now as far as I know and I’ve crossed swords with him a couple of times in the letter pages of the Herald.


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