Posted by: Witch Doctor | December 31, 2010

The Revolution is Nigh


It seems, My Black Cat, that members of The Humanist Religion plan to start A Revolution during the first witching hour of the year.

They are calling it The Resolution Revolution.

The term is not new. Others have used it at the beginning of new years past.

The Resolution Revolution

Resolution Revolution : A Better Way to Start Your Year

New Years Resolution Revolution

The Humanist Religion has a branch in the UK called The British Humanist Association. The president is Polly Toynbee.

She says:

“New Year is a time for renewal – but beyond diets and gyms, not just for ourselves. Resolution Revolution is a humanist social action initiative, turning good intentions outwards to others. The more people that get involved, even in a small way, the bigger the impact is. Spending cuts don’t make a cohesive society, but generous actions do.”

The call these resolutions “Social Resolutions”

This development originating from The Humanist Religion is an interesting one because there is a spin about it. (Notice how the word “Change” is everywhere, My Black Cat.


“Through Resolution Revolution we are encouraged make a resolution to do something for others (“sweep a neighbour’s icy path”, “volunteer with a local charity”, “carry an organ donor card”). We are encouraged to think again about how to make effective resolutions with an evidence-based approach. As the Resolution Revolution website and resources explain, we can stick to our resolutions better if we share our commitments publicly, and if we feel better about ourselves because we know we’re helping others as well. The emphasis is on things you can do rather than things you pay for or donate to.”

Here are some more examples:

1. Volunteer for a Local Charity
2. Start Giving blood. If you already give blood then consider giving bone marrow.
3. Hold a neighbourhood street party
4. Lend money with micro-finance.

You are uneasy, My Black Cat?

You smell a rat?

No. My Black Cat, there are no rats here. In The Witch Doctor’s opinion this appears to be The Humanist Religion’s contribution to The Big Society. The Big Society needs volunteers in all walks of life. It needs the happy poor to donate their time and their money and the wealthy to donate their money and their time. It needs the citizens to be good neighbours and look out for each other.

This, My Black Cat, is A Good Thing, so why is it troubling you?

Because there are many thousands of people already keeping the country afloat by looking after their families, friends and neighbours, and those less fortunate than themselves who cross their path. These people are not aware that they “feel better about themselves because they know they are helping others as well.” No. They are often weary and don’t experience the elusive “Feel Good Factor” that comes from volunteering. They do what they do out of caring and empathy and duty and they have very little thought for how they feel about the matter. They are not the “Do–Gooders” of society. They do not post their good intentions on the World Wide Web for all to see.

You are a very wise, experienced witches cat, My Black Cat.

But I’m sure there are no rats.

By the way, My Black Cat, The Witch Doctor is planning her very own Resolution Revolution.

The following link will become active during the first witching hour of 2011.


You can click on it if you want but it is not a place for Black Cats to pontificate on some of their more extreme notions. Consequently, you will be completely excluded from this Revolution.


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  1. Hi Witch Doctor!

    I am sort of mildly inebriated as I slurp leftover Christmas Day wine!

    I shall look further into your post tomorrow and until then, wish you a very Happy New Year! Hic!!

    Anna :o]

  2. Happy New Year to you too Anna. And as for tonight…. Enjoy!

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