Posted by: Witch Doctor | January 3, 2011

The Moody Witch Doctor

Why stick with reading one blog……


When you can choose between the two……



  1. Happy New Year WD and best of luck with your new intertwinglements blog. I’ve so far not made any resolutions, but I’ll get round to it, once I’ve worked out one that I’ll actually stick to..:)

  2. Thanks Julie. Hope this year is a good one for you too.

    I fear the other blog might become a bit addictive, with the list of categories that are intertwinglements several miles long!

  3. Happy New Year , Witch Doctor.
    Why so moody? Happiness is good for you, like fruit. I know you like everything apple, have you considered the iPhone app? (it can track your happiness across time and space!) I tried to post on the intertwingly blog, it didn’t seem to work, sorry if this is long.
    Some months ago I read about The Happiness Movement and wanted to tell you, but it didn’t seem, well, weighty enough and was just off topic to the posts at the time. It’s now changed its name to Action For Happiness (moodiness still unwelcome I expect). Geoff Mulgan has been working on it for some time (see this Independent article:, and ooer 80,000 for director job: and many more). They say they have pure motives and no hidden agenda. . They’re becoming independent of the Young Foundation this spring. What a lucky coincidence that David Cameron happens to be so keen on measuring the nation’s happiness too!

  4. Happy New Year Cola Cube, I wondered where you were hiding, but now I know you have been searching for intertwinglements like mad and come up with some interesting links that MBC is desperate to explore! It is wonderful that we now have clever folk in the world whose job it is to make us all happy and other clever folk to make us all happy even when we die or someone close to us does. It seems that the default position of our emotions will be happiness from now on. Society has never managed to achieve this before. But hey, this is 2011 and CHANGE is now the name of the game!

  5. […] can imagine, therefore, how surprised the Witch Doctor was when she read the comment from the reader of one of her posts that some of The Humankind were setting there sights high and intending to achieve the […]

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