Posted by: Witch Doctor | January 24, 2011

Julie’s letter has been published

Julie has made into The Glasgow Herald, one of Scotland’s main newspapers.

Read what she says to the Scots:


See also Nicola Sturgeon’s predictions in The Scotsman.


In an interview with Scotland on Sunday, Sturgeon rejected warnings that the reforms in England could lead to a “brain drain” of specialists and consultants from Scotland who may be tempted south if the English market-based system begins to offer bumper salaries to attract senior staff.

Instead, she said the more stable situation here was likely to create the conditions in which health professionals would be happier to move to Scotland.

The health secretary also called time on the 60-year history of the NHS as a UK institution, claiming the Conservative reforms spelled out in England last week have taken the “national out of the National Health Service”. The SNP deputy leader says that the radical changes to health care in England – with more power going to GPs – have now set in stone separate English and Scottish health services.

Sturgeon said she attended a reception last week in which the English reforms were discussed. “There were quite a few people up from south of the Border and the thing that was being said to me most frequently was we wish we could come to Scotland,” she said.


  1. There hasn’t been any replying letters yet; it generally takes a day or two, but I’ll let you know what reaction there is.

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