Posted by: Witch Doctor | April 7, 2011

Non-medical consultants and the NHS leaking hose


Drawing on the witching conclusion from the last post ie that doctors are artists rather than providers, it stands to reason that The Witch Doctor, being one of said artists will appreciate a well designed website.

Here is one that ranks right at the top of The Witch Doctor’s artistic appreciation scale.

Browse around it for a while and you’ll see what I mean. (no, I’m not being my usual sarcastic self, it really is a beautifully designed web-site).

However, if you browse around it even more you might discover a few other interesting things.


You’ll find for example, Matrix it is a multinational company based in London and is 99.6% owned by its directors and employees. The Matrix Knowledge Group Ltd. is a holding company. It has five subsidiaries:

Matrix Insight Ltd,
Matrix Evidence Ltd,
Matrix Decisions Ltd,
Matrix Knowledge Group Inc
Matrix Knowledge India Ltd.

You might want to explore a snapshopt of their recent clients. They include:

Department of Health
General Medical Council
Nursing and Midwifery Council
The Health Foundation
Executive Agency for Health and Consumers
European Parliament

and so on……

If you continue with your search, you eventually find the name Dr David Welbourn who featured in the YouTube interview in the last post. If you are meticulous about clicking you will also find a glitch in this world class website. However, on the YouTube interview Dr Welbourn was introduced as a Visitng Lecturer, Cass Business School in London and also as Associate Director in the Centre for Better Managed Health and Social Care at City University London.

However, Dr Welbourn is also Director of Health and Human Services at Matrix and is currently on a one years sabbatical from this international company.

Is this unusual?

Not at all.

It is common practice nowadays for public services like the NHS to employ private companies to analyse data, appraise doctors, organise training, run leadership courses, assess failing doctors etc etc.

So it is not at all unusual for The Department of Health to use the expertise of a multinational company like Matrix.

Does it matter?

Well, we witches think it does.

We think the public need to know how the outcome of the work done by these companies helps individual patients in a detailed tangible way.

We think the outcome of these expensive interventions by private companies should be audited.

We think every intervention should be costed and the information placed on a separate public website that has the crisp, well designed appearance of the Matrix site.

We think if an intervention costing loads of taxpayers money does not result in an outcome that the public considers is beneficial for patient care, particularly in these hard financial times, then the government minister who intitiated the intervention should be held accountable to the public.

And fined, or even jailed if necessary for squandering public money.

Taxpayers money should not be allowed to run through a leaky hose for the benefit of private companies.

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  1. I am hoping to be a physician but I believe the career must assume extra about affordability and the relative place of medical doctors within the economy as a whole. Why so? I take a look at my family and buddies positions. Firstly I’m embarrassed by the notion that docs work exhausting and prepare for a few years as a justification for disproportionate salaries. A comparability is made with public sector senior execs on 200 k. A really selective comparison on an equally flawed pay scale. Most people do work very hard. My very own neighbour is an proprietor of a small engineering business. He employs 15 individuals and has the stress each day of finding orders…no certainties. His home is mortgaged to support his business. He skilfully matches his value revenues. He lives in a reasonably sized home,holidays every other 12 months for the last four years and unlike most of my dads medical colleagues doesn’t go on family snowboarding each year. He’s highly involved concerning the interests his workforce. Most non-public sector enterprise house owners like him and his employees do not get the big salaries and bonuses which can be for the corrupt few. He makes and revenue and pays taxes but you may see his sadness when debating public sector excesses, together with doctors pay and perks. He and his manufacturing supervisor work very onerous lengthy hours to make a living. No huge bonuses. No copper bottomed pension either. Not like my chosen occupation in bad financial times he cuts his own income. Someone here posted a word concerning the uncertainty of affording their mortgage; em….welcome to the real world…things are even less assured for the lots, people who additionally work very exhausting to pay our wages. Most non-public sector folks I know do not earn huge bonuses and salaries and its a typical fallacy to suppose different wise. It’s a humbling expertise to take heed to the considerations of small enterprise owners. I think my chosen occupation needs to consider affordability and giving up a few of its advantages and perks. The proof of excess as you method mid profession years sits in the medical doctors automobile park bays, big homes, luxurious holidays and for some private schooling. Pensions are another travesty. Each single non-public sector individual I know has had the added burden of step will increase in pension contributions just to face still. My dad, who’s a renal specialist, hasn’t seen any strain to extend his pension. In the event you take a look at Europe UK doctors are comparatively very effectively paid and the extreme hours for the juniors especially is a symptom of the skewed way the pie is reduce up. I counsel that our career should take a look at who funds us very very arduous, and considers nationwide affordability; it is vitally humbling. Everyone in the nation is going through revenue cuts in real terms. Why ought to the medical occupation be any different.

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