Posted by: Witch Doctor | April 10, 2011

If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear…..


My Black Cat announced on Saturday night she wanted to go to the cinema.

She is well aware that Black Cats are not allowed in cinemas and there are very good reasons for this.

They freak people out!

They merge into the blackness as they stealthily creep along the rows of seats and nobody knows they are there. They wait for a tense part of the film, then they make sure they gently rub their fur against peoples’ legs. This spooky sensation makes somebody scream. If it is particular scary part of the film that starts off a chain reaction. The whole cinema starts screaming.

Now, it does The Witch Doctor’s head in when The Humankind screams in unison, so she seldom takes My Black Cat to the cimena, theatre, or anywhere else where The Humankind sit entranced in the dark.

So, to keep her quiet, The Witch Doctor downloaded a film for My Black Cat to watch last night.


The film is called “Erasing David.”

They say:

China is number 1

Russia is number 2

UK is number 3

She discovered this film through links on HyperCRYPTIical’s recent post that featured the contents of two little envelopes that popped through her door.

Anyway, My Black Cat and me settled down for our Saturday night’s entertainment.

The film gave us food for thought. We both came to a rather odd conclusion about the message of this film.

We suspect the witching conclusion we came to was rather different from the one most of The Humankind would have detected.

Perhaps we were unduly influenced by the smattering of Intertwinglements throughout the film.

Perhaps not.

One way or another, we thought it was a very strange film.

But we don’t expect The Humankind to agree with our interpretation!

They will have a more straightforward approach.

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  1. Hi WD

    You and MBC are excellent detectives! I did watch the documentary first time round on TV – but much of it is a vague memory now. I attempted to download to view – but could not find anything bar trailers. Any hints?

    Funny thing was, the folk I discussed it with, found it a little alarming but most came up with the “I’ve nothing to hide” response and that CCTV helps catch the criminals in our society. Oh what sheep we have become!

    I have no doubt that, as excellent detectives, you will have come across and I would recommend that all who care about their freedom should ‘sign up.’

    Thanks for the link WD.

    Anna :o]

  2. I had to purchase the full iTunes version to keep MBC amused, Anna.

    Yes we were aware of Big Brother Watch and see they have a book too. No doubt MBC will want me to buy it for her too!

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