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Well, we’re back home, My Black Cat. It was a good wedding. The Broomstick always ensures we have a wonderful bird’s eye view of everything.

A beautiful bride. A handsome prince. Promises. Pageantry . What more could a nation want?

We had a good view of all the hats from The Broomstick, too. Did any of them take your fancy, My Black Cat? Some were very elegant and some were good for a laugh and not to be taken seriously. Did you see any you thought were superior to The Witch Doctor’s party hat?


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Mrs Cameron was not wearing a hat.

She was.

She wasn’t.

She was.

She wasn’t.

She was wearing a fascinator.

No she wasn’t. She was wearing a hair clasp.

No she wasn’t. She was wearing a miniscule understated fascinator to demonstrate her lack of extravagance during hard times. I think it could be classified as a hat, My Black Cat. After all, we requested that her husband bought her a hat for the wedding. He would not dare to ignore a witch and her black cat! On the other hand, I suppose he did ignore us by not wearing full highland regalia. But he conformed to the norm after all. He wore morning suit, so in the end he did change his mind.

You think Samantha Cameron should have worn a great big hat?


You think by not doing so, she drew attention to herself?

You think there is another more important reason why she should have worn a big hat, My Black Cat?

The economy.

If someone as high profile as The Prime Minister’s wife sets a fashion for wearing a hat / fascinator / hair clasp so small that you can hardly see it, then it sets the stage for Fashion Creep into a situation where no hats are worn at all.



Not even to Royal Ascot! Where would we be then? As a nation we don’t manufacture enough. We depend too much on some very dubious service industries. Milliners are manufacturers. Hatters are manufacturers. They manufacture hats. There are precious few milliners and hatters in the world. We are about the only nation left who wear hats on formal occasions. Have you ever seen Hillary Clinton wearing a hat?

Milliners and hatters are part of our economy. We should become a great hat-loving nation and SamCam should have done her bit to promote that by wearing a big UK manufactured hat. We should wear hats every day, everywhere we go. Just as it used to be.

I suppose so, My Black Cat. Sometimes your wisdom astonishes me.

I shall go and buy myself a nice new pointy hat and hope we get invited to another wedding somewhere. Then no-one can ever say that The Witch Doctor has not contributed to the economy.

You have another bee in your hat, My Black Cat?

What about?




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  1. Even Dr Grumble was slightly startled to see Samantha without a hat – especially after the advice you gave.

    I am slightly surprised that you do not know the truth about Hilary. Don’t you witches ever get together?

  2. Good gracious, Dr G. We had no idea she was one of us. An imposter maybe? This news will surely be the talk of the steamie during The Witching Hour tonight!

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