Posted by: Witch Doctor | May 13, 2011

Breaking news : Is Steve Field saying reforms unworkable?

Andrew Lansley’s NHS reforms are unworkable, says review chief

The senior doctor called in by David Cameron to review the government’s health reforms has dismissed them as unworkable and “destabilising” in provisional conclusions that could fatally undermine the plans.

Prof Steve Field, chairman of the NHS Future Forum – set up last month to undertake the coalition’s “listening exercise” – flatly rejects the health secretary’s plan to compel hospitals to compete for patients and income, which he says could “destroy key services”. The proposal, contained in Andrew Lansley’s health and social care bill, has led key medical organisations to warn that it will lead to the breakup of the NHS and betray the service’s founding principles.

In an interview with the Guardian, Field says Lansley’s plan to make the NHS regulator Monitor’s primary duty to enforce competition between healthcare providers should be scrapped. Instead it should be obliged to do the opposite, by promoting co-operation and collaboration and the integration of health services.”



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  1. Yay! That’s a turn up for the books! Man of honour after all. Alas – there goes his knighthood.

    Anna :o]

  2. Hmmmm…..

    My Black Cat wonders if we are seeing a bit of orchestration and she is wondering who the conductor is.

    But then she is a suspicious soul!

  3. My limited understanding of Steve Field is that he wouldn’t have said this unless he had been given some sort of green light. Cameron has decided to back down and has whispered in Field’s ear. Field, the listening exercise, and the Lib Dems will be used as the excuse to back down. Lansley will be the fall-guy and Steve will get the knighthood he deserves for always doing what he is required to do.

    The one with the principles is Clare Gerada. If anyone has singlehandedly saved the NHS, she is the one we have to thank.

    That’s assuming all this is true and not just the Guardian’s well-meaning spin on this.

  4. It will be interesting to see whether they fully back down or are just seen to be backing down from an extreme stance in order to give credibility to the listening exercise …. Or was a degree of backing down always intended when the time was right? In effect are we being nudged into changing our own views?

    Time will tell. In the meantime keeping our eyes firmly on the ball seems a good idea.

  5. That’s the other possibility. They will make it look as if they have backed down and then do what they wanted to so anyway.

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