Posted by: Witch Doctor | May 19, 2011

Do they want us to die with our boots on – or not?

Dr Grumble has posted an interesting video that is along the lines of what My Black Cat has been taxing her brain about for ages. It is worth watching and reading Dr Grumble’s comments on it.

Dr Grumble’s reading list at the side of his page also points to something else that’s interesting

Basically, the message is that advances in medical technology will not save money, indeed it is more likely they will cost more.

However, according to My Black Cat, there is one kind of patient who will definitely save money. He who lives healthily with no expensive investigations, drugs, or surgical procedures to help him along and, when the time comes for him to depart from this world, dies with his boots on during the course of a single day.

Will public health, preventive drugs, screening, care in the community, care at home, telemedicine, patient choice, lifestyle education for all, education and training of the chronic sick, and the raft of people employed administrating all of this, enable large numbers of the population to live to a ripe and productive old age? And when they die, will they do so relatively cheaply with their boots on? Or will they just die, as before, but later on?

And cumulatively, over the years, live and die much more expensively?

Linking new technology and manpower used in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease with making people live healthier more comfortable lives, may well make medical and humanitarian sense.

Linking it with a means of creating new businesses, generating profits and keeping the unemployment rate down, may well make economic sense.

But linking it with a decrease in healthcare costs is a conundrum.

This conundrum is presumably why the problems of keeping healthcare safe, fair and financially viable has become so seriously intertwingled with stimulating the economy in a threatening global market.

And this serious intertwingement presumably is why all of The Humankind, including politicians, are seriously confused.

Or are the politicians not confused, but just intertwingled, and instead they have looked into the future with their “Futures” crystal ball and decided that the multitude of markets created by the commodification of healthcare will somehow be so profitable and give the economy such a boost, that they will off-set the  increased costs of sophisticated and demand-led healthcare?

And is this, presumably, why we are getting so mad at them?

Eh, My Black Cat?



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