Posted by: Witch Doctor | May 29, 2011

Bring back hanging!

You’ve had a terrible dream, My Black Cat?

A nightmare?

You dreamed a dream that, you were sitting on death row waiting to be hanged?

What were they going to hang you for, My Black Cat? What was the crime?

Killing rats!

But all cats kill rats. If they were all hung by their necks for such a crime, there would be no cats left!

What would we witches do then? It was just a stupid dream, My Black Cat. Don’t worry your little head.

You think it was a warning, not a dream?


The hanging bill was on its way through the Feline House of Commons. It progressed so far because Members of the Feline Parliament voted for it. It was such a long and complicated bill that no-one read it properly and those who did couldn’t work out the implications of the bill.

Then a few cats who were not MFPs grasped what was going on and in unison they made a terrible screeching noise.

Then the Deputy Feline Prime Minister joined in.

The MFPs began to pay attention and the Feline Prime Minister appointed a “Listening Break” and a “Futures Committee.”

That’s fine then, My Black Cat, the hanging bill would have been chucked out, it would never reach the Feline House of Lords and all the cats would be safe.

The Futures Committee would have looked into the future and predicted that such a hanging bill could never become legal.

You don’t think so?

Before the bill became law, before it even reached The Feline House of Lords, everything was been set up in all the cities, towns and villages throughout the land. Each one had to appoint a Feline Executioner and committees were set up everywhere to round up all the cats to identify those who had ever killed a rat.

They did all of this before the bill was legal!

They even did it when they were supposed to be listening!

That is bad, My Black Cat, very bad. This is not a democratic process.

It is an illegal process.

It smacks of dictatorship!

Fortunately it could never happen in real life! They could never make a law to bring back capital punishment in the UK. It would never get through the various procedures in the Upper and Lower Houses.

Yes it could!

No it couldn’t!

Yes it could! It’s happening now with the Health and Social Care Bill. They are not waiting until it goes through both houses.

They are not waiting till it goes through this procedure:


They are telling the NHS to prepare for the bill before it is made legal. Pathfinder consortia are already being set up as SHA’s are abolished and PCTs are merging – all in anticipation of the successful progress of the bill through parliament.

They are doing this BEFORE the Health and social Care Bill becomes an Act of Parliament!

Are they?

What a cheek they have!

What scoundrels they are!

Dictating to us like this and all the time calling it some kind of “listening exercise!”

On something as important as the NHS!

This is supposed to be a democracy!

They’d better be listening. Really listening.

Now just suppose the Health and Social Care Bill was instead a Hanging Bill!

Holy Moly, My Black Cat, your dream is a warning right enough!



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  1. Very astute is MBC Witch Doctor.

    It is indeed an odd sort of democracy we live in at present for MBCs dream is very phrophetic and your good self decoding the metaphor is excellent!

    Although aware that things are being put into place prior to the H&SC becoming an Act of Parliament – I had not completely thought it out – but then, I am only a mere human.

    You are MBC are indeed correct – for if the H&SC bill had been a Hanging Bill – I am certain things would be very different!

    Anna :o]

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