Posted by: Witch Doctor | June 8, 2011

Patient choice gone mad!

You want to register with a GP in John o’ Groats, My Black Cat?

Why would that be?

You want to belong to a practice in a small community where a GP has lots of time to spend listening to the ailments of their feline patients.

But you don’t have any ailments, My Black Cat. You are not a patient. You are a very, very, healthy cat. The witch doctor looks after you well.

You think you have minor ailments that your GP would be interested to hear about from time to time.

What kind of minor ailments, My Black Cat.

The odd rat bite or scratch……..

Don’t be ridiculous, My Black Cat, no GP wants to listen to your peevish whinges about things like that. Your nine lives and The Book of Spells together take care of your little fracases with rats!

Anyway, you would need to become a Scottish cat and move your abode to John’O’Groats. The Witch Doctor would not come with you away up there to the Land of the Haggis, Neeps and Tatties! It’s very wet and the winds blow the trees and the humankind horizontal!

We wouldn’t need to move.

Yes we would!

No we wouldn’t!

Yes we would!

No we wouldn’t!

Soon you will be able to have any GP of your choosing no matter where you live.

This craziness is only being discussed in England, My Black Cat. Those far north of Hadrian’s Wall are much more sensible. They have the wit to realise that such an arrangement would be doomed for disaster.

However, there is a medical blogger in England who is addressing the matter. Perhaps this English GP carries The Haggis Gene, such is his sensible approach.

Here is a letter he sent to King’s fund about the matter.

Note the stupid reply he received!

And then note the magnificent response he gave to King’s Fund!

We are waiting expectantly for their reply to his most recent letter.

Me and My Black Cat think King’s Fund should pass a copy of the letter over to Niall Dickson, former CEO of Kings Fund, and now CEO of the General Medical Council..

We think there should be two replies. One from the current CEO of The King’s Fund.  Niall Dickson should answer this letter personally also.

Then we could all compare the two replies.

After all, as well as intertwingling with King’s Fund and the GMC, Niall Dickson strongly intertwingles with Tony Blair’s Third Way.

Indeed he was considered some kind of expert on the elusive concepts of The Third Way.

Perhaps King’s Fund will get into quite a tangle over this Intertwinglement, My Black Cat.

That would be fun to watch!

Anyway, if you wanted to have an English GP who could find time to listen to your foolish minor ailments, then soon it will be perfectly feasible to register anywhere you like.

Patient Client Choice dictates this madness, My Black Cat.

Why don’t you explore the possibilities of registering with a practice in Land’s End?



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  1. A fine example of genus haggius there, WD; you can see the tiny foot to the left that the butcher has unaccountably left on. These are usually pickled and sold as delicacies in Scotland.

    Onto more serious matters; I think Scotland has an important role to play in the outcome of the Health and Social Care Bill. It provides an example of how the NHS can be run without private interference and the fact that it’s cheaper to run under our system. And I’m glad that this guy is pointing out how the abolishing of boundaries is going to affect GPs and patients. This is the key move that will allow private companies to cherry pick patients and abandon those who are unfortunate enough to be sick and a drag on GP profits. If a patient can pick the GP regardless of boundaries, then it works the other way round; the GP has no obligation to someone in his geographical area.

    • I thought he was a good looking haggis too Julie. The Scots seem to be keeping the pickled feet as a national secret delicacy. I’m sure they have never walked south of the border!

      Abolishing boundaries appears to me to be a key move too. Without it, full commodification of minor ailments wouldn’t work, and it is in the management of the worried well or those with minor health problems that profits are to be made.

      Another pre-requisite is the abolition of the direct referral of a patient from GP to consultant, hence the mushrooming of referral committees that will eventually dictate which “cheap” pathway NHS patients will follow, sometimes bypassing consultant responsibility completely. (This should never have been allowed to happen, and the doctors who have had their heads in the sand, are to blame for this)

      A national computer system is also necessary for commodification to work according to plan.

  2. Ah, now I never thought about the computer! Should have done; there’s always a supercomputer (or quantum computer if you’re up to date) involved in every evil masterplan..

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