Posted by: Witch Doctor | June 17, 2011

The chimes of the bells!

My Black Cat can be such a pest at times.

Sure enough, regarding yesterdays post, the bells are chiming in her little feline head regarding the word “foundation”

But she will not reveal The Message of The Bells.

Instead she presents The Witch Doctor with a stupid riddle.

She gives four clues.

Some are contained in the words used by the Demi-Pied Piper (Alan Milburn).

Clue number 1

“The reforms I introduced as health secretary to create NHS foundation and primary care trusts started the devolution journey.”

Clue number 2

”GP consortiums were supposed to complete it.”

Clue number 3

MBC says The Demi-Pied Piper had A Little Helper.

Clue number 4

No, the little helper is not the other Demi-Pied Piper.


Who was the Demi-Pied Piper’s little helper and what did he do to ensure the start of the “devolution journey?’

The Witch Doctor hasn’t a clue, and anyway she has no time for riddles. She has far too much to do in her Tussie-Mussie Garden transplanting all the ingredients for her most potent spell of all.

redapple.jpg a red apple ……………………

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  1. John Reid?

    • MBC says nope!

      But she gives a fifth clue…

      The Demi-Pied Piper’s Little Helper has something in common with John Reid.

  2. […] It seems My Black Cat is not giving anything away regarding the identity of The Demi-Pied Piper’s Little Helper. […]

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