Posted by: Witch Doctor | July 9, 2011

Have you ever cuddled David Cameron or Tony Blair?


We witches had never heard of Rebekah Brooks nee Wade. This is probably because we don’t move in the same circles.

In fact, witches don’t go around in circles at all.

We don’t network.

Apparently Rebekah Brooks is the queen of networking. This means she is not a witch.

“The key to understanding Brooks, say those who know or have worked with her, is her breathtaking networking abilities. She is, says one, a “galaxy-class schmoozer. World-class doesn’t quite do it justice.” Certainly the briefest glance at her social circle reveals a network of establishment connections that few, if any, could match.”

However, now that this lady’s big hair and little face are plastered all over the media, we are sorry that we had never come across her before. Her hair is now the envy of all the witches. She has become a sort of icon in the coven, especially with the younger witches. They all want to meet her hairdresser. Can you imagine if all the witches in the land had red tresses flowing behind them in the wind as they swooshed and smooched and schmoozed around in their broomsticks? It would be just too much for The Humankind to handle.

It is just as well we witches are an ugly lot.

Most of the time.

Unless we choose not to be.

Then we become exquisitely beautiful.

Anyway, My Black Cat is all of a dither about Mrs Brooks’ flaming locks. So much so that she has forgotten all about her conspiracy theories.

Which is just as well.

The Witch Doctor on the other hand is contemplating leadership.

Leadership Creep.

When she read about the triangle of newspaper icons, police and politicians rubbing shoulders (actually at times cuddling each other) and the mess they have got themselves into over a hoard of information from phone hacking, she thought of “The Leadership Agenda” and how, throughout this blog she has been continually questioning it.

In the beginning it led her, just by chance, to a leadership training outfit called Common Purpose, which in turn led her to the Intertwingled Triplets:

Common Purpose
The Media Standards Trust

She found the people involved with these outfits interwingled everywhere. Right up to government.

Probing deeper into the News of the World revelations you find people networking and intertwingling with each other at the highest and most influential levels in our land.

Who can possibly tell if the current media / political/ police circus is related to The Intertwingled Triplets? Everything is so tangled up in this game that it has become a networking migraine.

Intertwingling like this has the potential to produce pretend, tarnished “friendships” of great toxicity that result in invitations to parties, weddings, stay-overs, and lots of nauseating cuddles and kisses.

It is not friendship.

It is cronyism.

Pure back-scratching, networking, cronyism.

Furthermore, it excludes other excellent people, many of whom will truly make great leaders, from top positions…. those who treat networking and cronyism with the disdain it deserves.

It just makes us witches puke.

And drives our stupid Black Cats into conspiracy mode.


Incidentally, no doubt My Black Cat will be carefully watching the reaction of one of the Intertwingled Triplets i.e. The Media Standards Trust over the phone hacking business. She reckons they will be sharpening their rapiers to put a terminal incisive thrust into the heart of the Press Complaints Commission.



They have been at loggerheads before.

redapple.jpg a red apple ……………………

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  1. When you get a furore like this I always ask myself who benefits. It feels orchestrated to me, WD. This is the media turning on their own, not something that they’re inclined to do and you have hacks who are well acquainted with the kind of tricks that NotW used, talking breathlessly of the scandal of it all. When I applied for a media job a while back, one of the things that they did as part of the application was to place a cookie that read your search history and possibly shared it with a third party. At least they told me that they were doing it, but you’re not telling me that they don’t utilise stuff like that on stories that they’re doing. Maybe this is the Beeb turning on Murdoch because of BSkyB, but I wonder that they dare, given the embarrassment that it’s causing the government.
    And btw, didn’t get the media job, no doubt because of the scurrilous company that I keep on the net 😉

  2. Oh dear, perhaps you should should stay safe and access WD and MBC from a computer in a cafe!

    Maybe WD and MBC are being particularly thick tonight, but we can’t really work out why they want to read your search history. Do they want to know if you have paedophilic tendencies or are planning a bank robbery? What if you have a shared computer? Why not arrange for somebody to look in your fridge or bathroom cabinet or bookshelves instead?

    Hmm. MBC thinks she has just worked it out….. they want to know whether you object to them intruding into your life like this. If you object, you are too upright and probably won’t condone hacking or blagging, so you immediately get the thumbs down.

    What a suspicious, stupid cat!

    Not sure if it’s orchestrated or if it’s public pressure that has put everyone in a fizz. Perhaps all the media who surely know, or at least know of, the shady scene, realise that this time things have gone too far and the shit is hitting the fan big-time. Many nails being bitten nervously, I fear, as “friends” are distancing themselves from each other and are frantically trying to untie their intertwinglements!

  3. I never thought that it was to test to see if I agreed, WD! What I actually did was that I agreed, but just before I did that, I erased my entire search history! So I suppose they decided that I wasn’t going to play ball with them.

  4. Luckily the Hacked Off/Media Standards Trust website was all set up and ready to go just when the News International story made big news, with spokes-speakers putting their point across on news and radio shows. It was just like the time after the election, before the coalition was formed and everything got very purple. Ordinary people need clever types to have a think about how things should be run and nudge them in the right direction. Who knows what we would come up with if left to form our own opinions! Look at Julie for example! Oh, I found this Independent article on BBC/Media Standards Trust’s Robert Peston oddly confusing: – it starts with Tom Watson MP’s tweet on how Peston is spinning on behalf of News Corp, then seems to contradict itself. Witch Doctor, I’m sure you already saw there’s a helpful MST/Press Complaints Commission-watch site arguing for reform of the PCC too. It’s not that I don’t agree with any of their points, it’s that I’m not convinced they genuinely want the actual public involved in the way they seem to claim.

  5. I had a look at that Independent article, colacube, and I confess that I couldn’t make head or tail of it either. Is it saying that Peston is being given access to privileged info because of his close connections with NI and is causing the feeding frenzy? But why would NI give him info likely to damage them? Unless perhaps one of the younger Murdochs fancies taking over the business?! You could go round in circles all day and still come out the same door that you went in.

  6. […] bewildered to follow up the links one of her diligent readers placed on one of the comments of her last post. That seems a good place to […]

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