Posted by: Witch Doctor | August 29, 2011

Is Nadine Dorries a loon?


Gentlemen, please listen to a witch!

A woman who has just learned she is pregnant is usually in a highly emotional state. This is true whether a baby has been planned or not, or whether it is wanted or not.

Gentlemen, have you grasped this?

You may disagree because the women in your lives were level-headed when pregnant. This would have been because you didn’t pay enough attention to their needs, or they are actresses, emotionally deprived, psychopathic or their hormones were not working properly.

But, take it from this witch, most women are in a highly emotional state when they first learn they are pregnant and this may continue for many months or even for the whole of their pregnancy and afterwards.

Now then, suppose The Witch Doctor is a fully trained consultant in Obs and Gyn.

Suppose she is particularly nimble in the termination of pregnancy, using all the techniques available at all stages of pregnancy.

Suppose she decides to do a little private practice in this sub-specialty.

Suppose her private practice becomes well established and she is very much in demand.

Suppose she gets fed up working in the NHS with all its “change” and hassle. She sets about doing a business plan. She discusses it with an accountant. It becomes clear that she can make far more money expanding her private abortion business than she ever could make in the NHS.

She resigns from the NHS.

She doesn’t do this because of the money.

Of course not.

The clinic expands and expands nationwide, so much so that she has to employ more and more staff.

The Witch Doctor becomes a recognised expert in the termination of pregnancy. Even the NHS employs her to do terminations. The NHS seems happy to pay her millions and millions pounds a year to do terminations.

So, a women requesting a termination, either through the NHS or privately, comes to one of The Witch Doctor’s sparkling new, friendly abortion centres situated throughout the land. They won’t necessarily see The Witch Doctor, of course. There are now far too many patients clients for that! The clinic now employs many people.

It is good medical practice to offer counselling to all the patients pregnant clients prior to going ahead with the abortion. After all, each one is in varying degrees of emotional alertness or even distress, and there are alternatives to terminating a pregnancy. It is necessary to be sure abortion is what the woman really needs and wants.

Abortion is, after all, a final act.

It would not be too much of a surprise to find out that not many Pro-life / anti-abortionists are employed at such a clinic. They would almost certainly give the pregnant clients very biased advice in an attempt to persuade them to avoid termination of a healthy pregnancy.

So, to prevent such bias, The Witch Doctor would not want to employ such people – for purely altruistic reasons, of course.

The Witch Doctor wants to employ only those people who are neutral on the subject of abortion. i.e. those she deems to be rational thinkers on the subject.

Her clinic is now expanding at such a rate that The Witch Doctor does not know all her employees well and she fears that some of them have strong pro-abortion beliefs, but she is finding this difficult to prove.

The Witch Doctor is no fool. She is fully aware that the NHS will only pay for her service if an abortion is carried out. A client deciding to opt out of abortion will not earn money.

If she employs pro-abortionists there is a possibility that The Witch Doctor will be laughing all the way to the bank.

Does The Witch Doctor turn a blind eye to those she employs who are not “abortion neutral?”

The Witch Doctor has to face an ethical problem. Does she continue counselling patients using her own employees prior to performing each termination? Or, in order to avoid criticism and a conflict of interest, does she insist that someone who is truly independent and employed by another agency is given the task of counselling?

Ethically, it seems to The Witch Doctor that, prior to setting up her private clinic she should have seen to it that a system was in place for all patients to be given the opportunity to have independent counselling prior to going ahead with an abortion.

It has come as quite a surprise to her that the existing clinics did not submit to this voluntarily a very long time ago.

Then Nadine Dorris would not have needed to propose an amendment to the Bill.

The Witch Doctor does not know if Nadine Dorries is a loon.

Similarly, Nadine Dorries does not know if The Witch Doctor is a loon.

But from the witch doctor’s understanding, there is not a vestige of lunacy evident on reading her proposed amendments to a public health Bill. Whether you are “pro-life” or “pro-abortion,” or somewhere in between, the document she has drawn up seems entirely sensible.

If you think Nadine Dorries and The Witch Doctor are both thinking strange thoughts that should be deposited on the other side of the moon, then please explain why.

Is there something about this matter that this witch does not understand?

Because it is causing a bit of a “stooshie” as those from the land of David Steel would say, although His Grace might not be familiar with that word.


Listen, My Black Cat, can you check out whether legally we have abortion on demand in this country? For the life of me I can’t remember! Will the GMC strike me off for not knowing this? You can start of by reading David Steel’s Abortion Act of 1967 and follow-up from that.

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  1. I don’t think either you or Nadine Dorries is a loon, WD. I’m basically against abortion, but as a woman I understand that it is more complex than that and if you save a life that you are responsible for it, especially if you are the woman. Whether you are for or against, abortion is not a happy event and it seems to me that this amendment proposes some middle ground in a highly polarised debate. I hope it gets passed.

    • It is interesting that Nadine Dorries has dealt with this by placing it as an amendment to the HSCB. It is even more interesting that the government has readily agreed to separate those who cousel from those who terminate a pregnancy, stating that it does not need a change in law for this to happen.

      Does this mean that they are afraid that this amendment, being on such a controversial topic might further delay the final passage of the Bill through the Commons? i.e. Do they want it removed from the Bill or dealt with quickly so it is a fait accompli before the Bill is debated?

      ND has stated in her blog that the amendment will stay. I wonder what her feelings are about the HSCB and whether she approves of the degree of privatisation that will surely follow.

  2. I can’t comment on Nadine Dorries’ sanity, but I wondered whether you or your cat had seen this report by Demos?

    It looks like creep is still alive and well on the subject of assisted suicide.

    • Thanks, Cat Lady. Have just started reading it. It didn’t take long to find out what it was about.

      And by a magic spell, this has just fallen onto my lap from an unknown someone ?witch ?wizard in cyberspace.

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