Posted by: Witch Doctor | September 3, 2011

The smoke will be turquoise


Red, Blue, and Orange have for many years been the colours of the main political parties. There have been a few more recent interlopers that have plucked out more colours from the rainbow.

The Health and Social Care Bill has become political. The Reds will probably be told to vote against it and the Blues and Oranges will be told to vote for it. Some will be obedient, others won’t. If the bill goes through, the votes will not represent the will of the people of this country. The NHS embraces all constituents of all colours of the political spectrum. It is part of what it is to be British. It looks after us and belongs to us all.  The politicians’ job is to nurture it during their watch and then to carefully hand it on. Like a torch, the light of the NHS should never go out.

A handful of influential politicians in the cabinets of the two major political parties, the Blues and the Reds have been creeping since about 1984. This relatively small number of politicians have been creeping and crawling towards what is now The Health and Social Care Bill, where the NHS will be traded in the stock markets of the world and health will become a commodity to be bought and sold internationally. Over the years most of the back bench MP’s who continually moved in and out of government have been largely ignorant of this Creep as they agreed to the little changes that were surreptitiously proposed here and there within the NHS. They agreed because they thought the changes were for the benefits of patients. Some were, but there was a much bigger picture at stake. They agreed because the eyes and minds of most of the backbenchers could not perceive that bigger picture. This was because they gave no consideration to the possibility that Creep was being orchestrated and that it might ultimately prove detrimental to the NHS.

The problem is, that if the HSCB becomes law that will be the day when the NHS fizzles out and goes up in smoke.

The smoke will not be red, or blue or orange.

It will be a gentle turquoise.

It will not be political. It will be personal affecting all the patients of this country.

At first the patients won’t notice much difference. The clients will. They will love it as it becomes possible to get your ears syringed in supermarkets, your sunburn treated at airports, and your abortion in the evening on your way home from work. All of this made available for your convenience.

But then sure as can be, the private sector  (including multinationals not based in the UK) will gradually take over hospitals and GP surgeries. Indeed today The Guardian states Dame Shirley Williams will be expressing her views in Sunday’s Observer.


“The future of the government’s health reforms has been plunged into fresh doubt as the Liberal Democrat peer Shirley Williams raises new concerns, and secret emails reveal plans to hand over the running of up to 20 hospitals to overseas companies. The revelations come as MPs prepare to return to Westminster on Tuesday for what promises to be a crucial stage of the flagship health and social care bill.”


The Return of Fear from Health Emergency on Vimeo.

This film considers what might happen next as The Creep progresses.

The Witch Doctor has no political allegiance whatsoever, her politics are her own and unlike any of today’s political parties. She is simple a Witch Creep Watcher. She has been carefully watching NHS Creep since 1984.

The Witch Doctor has no idea of the political allegiance, if any, of those making this film. Some others may know.

Even if those making or speaking in this film do have a political allegiance that is pillar box red or royal blue, it doesn’t really matter.

The NHS is politically neutral.

The smoke as it fizzles out will be a gentle turquoise reflecting the apolitical nature of all of us when we are at our most vulnerable facing severe illness, chronic illness, pain and death.

But what will replace the NHS will not be gentle.

redapple.jpg a red apple ……………………

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