Posted by: Witch Doctor | September 7, 2011

Abortion and the Health and Social Care Bill


For the moment, forget whether you are Pro Life, Pro Choice, Anti-abortion, Regligious, Humanist, Atheist, or even a white or a black witch.

Forget whether you yourself have had an abortion and forget your experiences at the time.

Forget whether Nadine Dorries has another agenda, an ulterior motive for her amendment to the Health and Social Care Bill.

Forget whether the charities currently offering abortion services are giving good, unbiased, counseling or not.

Instead, stand back from the emotion and consider this.

If the Health and Social Care Bill that is currently going through parliament becomes law, there will be global for-profit institutions that are not charitable pouncing on the multi-million pound abortion business and giving the existing abortion charities a run for their money.

Is it right that such businesses should be the ones who counsel women on abortion at a time when they are at their most vulnerable?

Or should abortion counseling and indeed, perhaps the medical consultation also, be performed by others who are financially independent from the abortion industry?

If the Health and Care Bill becomes an Act, healthcare, including abortion will become a commodity.

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