Posted by: Witch Doctor | September 7, 2011

The Health and Social Care Bill Lords it


Well, My Black Cat, since we live in a democracy, it’s good to know that our representatives in parliament have represented us all so well!

It’s good to know that all the LibDems with the exception of perhaps Jullian Huppert, Greg Mulholland, Andrew George and Adrian Sanders carry a double dose of The Creep Gene.

It’s good to know that the majority of the population is of the view that it’s a good idea for the NHS to be handed over to the private sector!

Wonder what the Lords will think……

More importantly, wonder what the patients will think…..

Go and buy a But ‘n Ben in Scotland, My Black Cat.

There will be a housing boom up there soon as the English baby-boomers’ hips start to crumble, and their grandchildren are preparing for University entrance.

redapple.jpg a red apple ……………………

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  1. I’ve got a spare room and a hut to put your broomstick in, WD. MBC will be welcome as well..

    Joking apart, it’s a sickening result. I’ve been looking round some of the lib dem blogs tonight; some of them seem totally unaware of what’s happened tonight (although not all the commenters). There is a thread on Twitter just now called #libdemtraitors; I’m going to see who’s on that. The Lib Dem conference is next week and I suspect that might be the next battleground rather than the Lords, although I think the Lords will be the ones to gut it. We’ll see, but it’s not over.

  2. Gabbyjulie – sickening result maybe, but predictable. Defeating the Bill in the Commons wasn’t going to happen. The Lords, with more time, and less party politicking, is a better setting – but even there it is going to be a very uphill struggle. There are government stooges a-plenty there too – eg Lord Howe’s and his ‘huge opportunities’.

    What baffles Dr No is the extent to which MPs, the media (effectively zero coverage of the third reading) and the public are sleep-walking through this. This is the curious and ultimately crucial question: why so few people see what is really happening?

    Dr No also thinks the Lib-Dems will turn out to be non-combatants. There will be a few bunfights and maybe hot words at their conference, but nothing of substance will follow. They have made their pact with the Devil, and the opium of imagined power has robbed them of independent will. They will do as they did over tuition fees.

    We are at present at a Dunkirk moment. For those suffering from a heaviness of spirit, Dr No recommends reading some WSC…

  3. Thanks for your hospitality, Julie. I’m sure MBC would be interested in meeting the feline population in your neck of the wood But she fears there might not be so many rats to catch!

    It spoke volumes how few attended the main debate on the HSCB. They were more interested in the abortion debate. However that was during PM’s question time so I suppose some stayed for the theatre.

    Whether this is rejected by the Lords or not, it demonstrates the importance of having an upper house untainted by political ambition and uniformity. I hope we still have this.

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