Posted by: Witch Doctor | September 17, 2011

Black Humour: The story of the 3Cs


Today, The Witch Doctor, after careful consideration, has decided to begin telling you her views on Black Humour in medicine.

But first a story:

Someone The Witch Doctor knows runs her own business. Let’s call this person Cynthia, a good old-fashioned witch name, for someone who carries the witching trait. She was speaking to a friend. Let’s call her Carmen, another good old-fashioned witches name.

Now, Carmen had a sister very much younger than herself, who was into Facebook, Twitter, Bebo, Flickr and loads of other modern means of expressing herself as she communicated with her “friends.” Her ears were constantly plugged into her iPod and her fingers were constantly texting somebody or another when she wasn’t imbibing her constant companion – bottled water.

This younger sister of Carmen’s was a thoroughly modern miss. Let’s call her Candy, a thoroughly modern name.

Carmen asked Cynthia if she was looking for any staff because her younger sister didn’t have a job, but been trained in a way that would be suitable for Cynthia’s business. As it happened, Cynthia was looking for staff, and although she had reservations about taking on the relative of a friend, she said she would interview her but that she would make no promises that she would take her on.

Candy, being young, thought her elder sister and her friends were all old fogies. They were not as adept as she was at tweeting and texting. She thought they probably only used computers for emails,  word-processing, spread-sheets and the like.

Boring stuff.

Candy was quite right about her boring sister. But she made a big mistake about her sister’s friend Cynthia.

Big mistake.

Yes, Cynthia used emails, word-processing and spread-sheets.  Of course she did. But nowadays, you don’t run a successful business if you don’t have your finger on many pulses. There was nothing that Cynthia didn’t know about social media. She was far more adept at using it than Candy ever was.

And so the unsuspecting Candy was interviewed.

Well, it wasn’t really an interview at all.

Cynthia met Candy on her business premises and in a friendly way asked her to sit down on a couch beside her.

She said, “Candy, I’m not giving you a job here, but I wanted to meet with you and tell you why. Your sister, as you know is my friend, but nothing that I am going to say to you will be passed on to her. It will be completely confidential between the two of us. If she asks I will just tell her I didn’t think you were experienced enough for me to employ at the moment.”

Candy blinked.

She then told her that she had looked at one of her (Candy’s) social media pages. Then Cynthia, ever the Drama Queen, told her that the conversations and those of her friends indicated that Candy might well be an alcoholic, and a drug addict and prostitute.

Cynthia, even more of the Drama Queen, told Candy, that since she was not in the business running a counselling service for alcoholcs, rehabilitation of drug addicts, or a brothel then there was no place in Cynthia’s business for the experience Candy seemed to demonstrate on her social media page.

Candy gasped but said nothing.

Candy knew much of what she wrote on the Internet was exaggerated, if not completely untrue.

Cynthia thought this was probably the case but she couldn’t prove it. She told Candy that her social media presence had become an appendage to her CV and that a high proportion of employers looked up, for example, a candidate’s Facebook or Bebo page before deciding to interview. She told her that there were now businesses being set up whose sole function was to do a full search of a candidate’s Internet presence on behalf of their clients as part of the selection criteria for interview.

Candy gasped again.

Cynthia told Candy that her advice would be to remove any social media presence and any other detrimental identification on the Internet, and if any of what she said on her social media pages was really true to get her act together.

She told her once more that she would not inform her sister of the conversation.

Candy said “Thank You” and left.

She couldn’t get out of the premises quickly enough.

That night Cynthia checked up  on Candy’s social media presence.

It had all been taken down.

More later………….

redapple.jpg a red apple ……………………

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  1. Welcome to life in the Panopticon. Interestingly, while it is possible to delete Facebook items, in the terms and conditions facebook can keep them forever. My Facebook page (under my real name) has only the most innocuous items, and tight privacy settings, but some of my friends are less circumspect.

    Records are permanent in the Modern Panopticon, and can be looked at forensically at a late stage. It is perhaps unwise to blog at all, but being wise can be a bit boring.

    Dr Phil

  2. My Black Cat, in conspiracy mode, often tells me Facebook has links with the CIA. I tell her not to be daft. It seems though The Guardian some time ago was on to the conspiracy trail too.

  3. […] matter what your thoughts are regarding the last post where Cynthia, the employer, scouted around the internet looking for Candy’s (the prospective […]

  4. […] matter what your thoughts are regarding the last post where Cynthia, the employer, scouted around the internet looking for Candy’s (the prospective […]

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