Posted by: Witch Doctor | November 22, 2011

The incantation


You have been very busy over the past few days collecting ingredients from The Tussie Mussie Garden.

I have been quite worried about your rather unusual enthusiasm.

And now you are boiling up The Cauldron as if your life depended on it.

What is that are you saying when you stir The Cauldron, My Black Cat?

“a, a, a, about, and, and, and, and, are, as, as, be, be, blow, broomstick, broomstick-maker, can, caring, cauldron, cauldron, charged, colleagues, comments, compassion, confirmed, continue, cyberbullying, decrepit, derogatory, detective, doctor, doctor, doctors, doctors, doctors, doctors, destress, extol, female, flame, for, for, force, harass, harassment, has, have, healthier, Highland Granny, history, humiliate, I, if, in, in, in, issuing, long, making, male, Met, mock, NHS, NHS, nastiness, nasty, noble, of, of, offensive, Oldest Sage Witch, or, our, our, out, personal, police, police, police, profession, repeat, reported, sergeant, speak, spell, Spell Pantry, stamp, support, she, than, the, the, the, the, there, these, they, to, to, to, to, to, today, trust, Tussie-Mussie Garden, two, two, up, verbal, virtuous, warning, ways, we, whistle, will, will, witch, with, writing.”

That is a very strange incantation, My Black Cat.

I don’t recollect reading it in The Book of Spells.

You should not be stirring The Cauldron without supervision.

Stop spitting at me, My Black Cat!

You must always be very careful what you say when you are stirring The Cauldron. Improvising on the well established Book of Spells often does not serve you well and can at times be quite dangerous.

Especially if The Cauldron starts to spit back at you.

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