Posted by: Witch Doctor | November 23, 2011

Medicine scuppered this witch’s ambition!


Because of the way she has chosen to practice medicine, The Witch Doctor is not a rich witch.

She is not poor either because, up till now, being a doctor who holds a full time job at any grade allows you to be clothed, fed and have a roof above your head.

Being a doctor generally allows you to have much more than that.

But ordinary doctors are usually not really, really, rich.

However, The Witch Doctor is a great believer that anyone in a capitalist society can become a millionaire if they set their mind to it. All it takes is an entrepreneurial spirit, knowing what you’re good at, the ability to live with risk, vision, attention to detail and hard, hard work. If you throw in a bit of determined ruthlessness too then success will surely follow.

The Witch Doctor does not look down on millionnaires but she does not look up to them either.

She thinks when sees, reads, or hears about a millionaire:

“There but for the grace of God go I!”

Unfortunately, The Witch Doctor’s career choice has scuppered her chances of ever becoming a millionaire.

This is because she chooses to practice medicine in a certain way that is at odds with the millionaire philosophy.

However, to be honest, she sometimes yearns to be a millionaire or even a billionaire.


Because she has a great desire to grow the most beautiful Tussie Mussie gardens scattered throughout all the urban populations in this fertile land of ours.

She thinks tending a beautiful garden makes people happy.

And think of the spells me and My Black Cat could concoct with all these ingredients available everywhere!

As she gets older, this desire is becoming more poignant.

So, recently, she considered whether she could break the medical vows she made to herself all these years ago. and become a medical entrepreneur.

She could not.

So there was only one answer.

To find a millionaire witch husband – someone who through his life had been a wizard with money.

The Witch Doctor might choose to continue with this story.

On the other hand, she may not.

Or she may just ramble on a bit.

As she often does……

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  1. Dear WD,

    Ambition is not always a good thing, Indeed a stellar medical career, marrying a millionaire or even losing weight the easy way are not certain ways to personal happiness.

    Like yourself, I do find solace in my garden. Gardening is a useful activity, and requires a certain quietness that encourages self-reflection, and attention to nature. It cannot be hurried, and plants do not respond too well to being abused. It encourages a loving and nurturing side of us that is likely to spread to other parts of our lives.

    I do feel sorry for those who live in crowded places like London and who cannot easily access the contemplative solitude of the outdoors. For some cooking can be a similar release, and I have a good friend who enjoys the contemplation and exertion of long distance running for the same reasons.

    Given a choice between a millionaire spouse or a garden, I would also go for the garden.

    Best wishes

    Dr Phil

  2. Reminds me of a story of a guy who went to an interview to be a policeman. He was asked whether he wanted to be promoted and said no. The interviewer wrote down on the form ‘Lacks ambition.’

    Later on, the man was asked to sign off on the interviewer’s notes. When he came to that bit he said, ‘I’m not signing that, because I am ambitious.’
    ‘But you said you didn’t want to be promoted,’ replied the interviewer.
    ‘Yes,’ replied the man, ‘but I do want to be a very good policeman.’

    There’s a difference between being unambitious, and simply having different ambitions..

  3. Comment removed.

  4. wd,

    You’re welcome to remove the above. Maybe not wise in the circumstances..

  5. It is part of a conversation, and so I am happy for it to stay if you are.

    And I think you are very wise, Julie.

  6. Can you maybe remove it. I’m concerned that what’s happening here is that the outing of Dr Rant is being used as bait to reel us all in and much as I would like to comment on the above, I feel that it is a dangerous distraction. Rant himself hinted at that and asked us to continue to blog about the HSCB and revalidation. I will be blogging on the issues regarding freedom of speech, but right now the best thing that we could do to counter this is to blog on the privatisation of the NHS, because I think that is precisely what all this is about and attempts to stop us.

  7. It’s removed, Julie.

    The jury of witches cats is out at the moment. They can’t make their minds up who this particular Dr Rant is. Swearing apart, they do not think he speaks with the same voice as the original Dr Rant and it is causing them all consternation.

    The Witch Doctor on the other hand knows what she thinks about this matter but is keeping mum.

    I agree that freedom of speech is not the main issue in healthcare at the moment, although without it everything that we hold dear in this country will be lost.

    The problem is that the HSCB and the creep over many years leading up to it, could not have happened without the complicity of a minority of members of the medical profession who have systematically sought out power and high office for themselves. This complicity of doctors in high places needs to be addressed whether this Bill is successful or not. One might even say medicine is imploding from within and the Bill is a symptom of that. It seems to me successive governments don’t know what to do about healthcare. They are far more worried about the economy, demographic change and the power of emerging nations. They take advice from those doctors who tell them what they want to hear and usually it is to do with creating new untapped markets.

  8. Julie,

    A witch can always change her mind!

    There are things going on in the blogosphere this morning both within the UK and without, that makes me think that freedom of speech is more important than anything else including the HSCB.

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