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Medicine scuppered this witch’s ambition : Part 2


This is the kind of news that makes The Witch Doctor squirm and My Black Cat spit!

There may be a link between concentration camps in Nazi Germany and thalidomide.


“For years, there have been rumours that Thalidomide was developed during the Second World War and tested on concentration camp inmates.

Prof Stokes was asked to investigate this by the Thalidomide Trust.

“The Nazi period is of interest to establish a pattern of behaviour,” said Prof Stokes.

“What we can establish is a background in the Nazi period of connections between Heinrich Mückter, one of the key scientists whose name is on the patent of the drug, and some other companies and other scientists who were involved in experiments on concentration camp inmates.”

Drug trials
While any Nazi links may attract attention, it is another line of inquiry which has bigger implications. Professor Stokes is investigating how much Chemie Grünenthal knew about the drug before it was withdrawn.”

There is no indication here that medical practitioners were involved in this alleged experiment in concentration camps, however, it is documented that some were eating out of Hitler’s hand during WW2


When The Witch Doctor qualified, she was expected to take the Hippocratic Oath in the form of words used at that time. The Witch Doctor thought it was compulsory to do so, but maybe she is wrong about that. It is certainly not compulsory nowadays and at any medical graduation it can be observed that significant numbers of young doctors do not participate.

The Witch Doctor does not intend to debate the pros and cons of taking an oath after qualification, but she thinks the oath she took during that graduation ceremony a long time ago has served her well.  However it may be worth mentioning that the day she qualified as a doctor she knew she had to think deeply about many things. She had to set herself a bottom line below which she would not stoop regarding professional behaviour. Many things were taken into consideration as she did this, and the cumulative effect is, that The Witch Doctor simply could not possibly have become a millionaire as long as she remained practising medicine her way.

So in addition to the Hippocratic Oath, it could be said that The Witch Doctor took numerous little oaths at very personal level that would guide her through her career. You could say that they originated from her “moral compass” – that ridiculous imaginary instrument inside the brain that some philosophers don’t believe exists.

Some situations are resolved easily by this witch’s own moral compass and presumably she is no different from most doctors in this regard:

For example, she knows she would not participate in torture, capital punishment, experimentation of prisoners, or euthanasia even if she was offered a princely sum to do so. Similarly, she would not participate in the law in the land if she were required to maim an individual as punishment.

But these are easy decisions, although it would become much more difficult if close family were held hostage, maimed or killed because of The Witch Doctor’s refusal follow the directive of the state.

But for now, we will not go there.

On lesser matters, sometimes the moral compass spins a little before it settles down.

But the spinning always eventually stops, and The Witch Doctor hopes that when it does, the needle points her in the right direction……

But to date it has never pointed her in the direction of riches.

That is why she is musing over whether she needs to find herself a millionaire wizard husband.

More maybe.

Or maybe not….

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