Posted by: Witch Doctor | December 6, 2011

For whom the bell chimes


Sometimes, in the world of witches and black cats, bells chime out.

Sometimes we can’t for the life of us think why they are chiming.

There has been quite a skirmish following a story uncovered by The Bureau of Investigative Journalism who are running a series “Lobbying’s Hidden Influence.” They describe what they have discovered in their recent investigation as “the next scandal waiting to happen.”

It concerns the lobbying firm Bell Pottinger.

If you move in the right circles, you will have heard of it.

The Witch Doctor had heard of it even although she doesn’t move in the right circles.

But she couldn’t work out why.

It is well worth reading all about what it is that The Bureau of Investigative Journalism reveals concerning the wheels within wheels within government.

You can see a video called “Bell Pottinger exposed : Undercover filming reveals Bell Pottinger’s ‘dark arts’.

It’s all very interesting, but The Witch Doctor was still none the wiser why the Bells of Pottinger were chiming inside her head.

Then all of a sudden, My Black Cat starting jumping about in glee.

She could hear the music of the bells as they chimed out loud and clear.

She said we had Intertwingled with Bell Pottinger in The Witch Doctor’s blog way back in 2007 on the matter of healthcare.

So right now, My Black Cat is unraveling Intertwinglements.

Heaven knows what she’ll come up with.

If anything.

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