Posted by: Witch Doctor | December 15, 2011

The Witch Doctor has been warned!


I suppose this is another reason for bloggers to keep the low hurdle of anonymity in place.

Yesterday there was a visitor to this blog who left the following warning:

“Might I suggest that The Witch should not put Saudi Arabia on her holiday itinerary:”

Being a curious witch she followed the link.

“A woman convicted of practising magic and sorcery has been executed by Saudi authorities.”

“The London-based al-Hayat daily, however, quoted Abdullah al-Mohsen, chief of the religious police who arrested the woman, as saying she had tricked people into thinking she could treat illnesses, charging them $800 (£500) per session.”

“The crime of ‘sorcery’ is not defined in Saudi Arabian law but it has been used to punish people for the legitimate exercise of their human rights, including their right to freedom of expression, the charity said.”

Perhaps everyone should follow the link and discover a website that even My Black Cat did not know existed.

It resulted in The Witch Doctor contemplating a few things.

Maybe she will share some of her thoughts with you some time.

Or maybe she won’t.

Doubtless you will have your own opinions on matters such as these.

No, The Witch Doctor has no plans to visit Saudi Arabia at any time. No matter how tempting many countries may be, she tends to refrain from visiting those on a recreational basis if they do not conform in some way to the Witch Doctor’s “moral compass” – that ridiculous imaginary instrument inside the brain that some philosophers don’t believe exists.

But she wonders about the holiday plans of the practising Woo Woo Wibblers who reside in the UK.

They have been warned!

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