Posted by: Witch Doctor | January 13, 2012

The Helpful Triplet


If you have a look on the website of the Commission on Assisted Dying you’ll find there are some delicate frosted fern-like leaves pretending to be angels floating around.

They are probably wandering about the ether on a cold winter’s day aimlessly looking for Heaven.

Sad that, because they won’t find Heaven. The assisted dying / euthanasia outfits have seen to that. They have abolished Heaven. These missionaries who seem excessively overcommitted to the assisted suicide /euthanasia cause tend to be the far extremists of the atheist / humanist religion.

At least that’s how it seems to me and My Black Cat.

Julie has uncovered an interesting website. (I can’t link to Julie today, My Black Cat. Wonder what’s wrong)

It is a Christian site.

So it’s possible the atheist / humanist extremists do not consider it credible.

If so, that’s a pity because it is just possible that Lord Falconer’s committee is itself lacking in credibility.


But bent jury or not, there is always someone there to help.


If for a moment you can take your eyes off the frosted fern-like leaves flying around looking frustratingly for Heaven, you will find who is helping Lord Falconer and his bent jury.

None other than one of The Intertwingled Triplets.

Demos – The Second Triplet.

And so now it seems Demos has become The Helpful Triplet.


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  1. I’m ok, WD. If you email me I’ll explain, but it’s nothing sinister. And it’s nice to be missed..;)

    What has mildly intrigued me, talking of the Intertwingled Triplets, is that Chris Ham of the King’s Fund, and ‘Dying Matters’ were both asked and refused to give evidence to the commission. I don’t know if they’re trying to be very clever and show how objective they are, but it is a notable omission. Incidently, one of the stakeholders of Dying Matters is Rebecca Grey, Director of Communications for the Kings Fund and former Director of Communications for Monitor, regulator of NHS foundation trusts. Twingles and twangles..

  2. May be wrong, but I have a notion that “Dying Matters” don’t particularly want to be explicitly associated with the assisted suicide / euthanasia brigade but are more likely to line themselves up with advance directives and the Liverpool Care Pathway. They do however have “Dignity in Dying” among their “members.” Membership seems open to everyone and anyone. Its seems more of a marketplace than a membership.

    Interestingly, the controversial group “Friends at the End” was also a member until it was mentioned in this blog.

    After a flurry of activity from them as they viewed the above post, “Friends at the End” disappeared from the membership page..

    however, I see it is again reinstated:

    They seem to think witches and black cats don’t pay much attention to what they are up to. Can’t think why since we, like them, prance about graveyards at Hallowe’en.

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