Posted by: Witch Doctor | January 16, 2012

The slippery slope


Regarding euthanasia and assisted suicide, there are those who roll their eyes up to Heaven in exasperation when people like The Witch Doctor and other bloggers talk about “The Slippery Slope”

These clever, patronising individuals are of the view that patients who want help to die can have their way while society protects itself from “The Slippery Slope.”

We witches believe this is a load of bollocks!

First of all “The Slippery Slope” is another name for “Creep.”

Most members of The Humankind are famously susceptible to the “Creep” affliction, and so it is likely that voluntary euthanasia would follow on from assisted suicide, and murder would follow on from voluntary euthanasia.

They wouldn’t call it murder, of course. They would invent some kind of sanitised “caring” word to obfuscate and confuse.

There are many, many people in this word who, for a multitude of reasons, would be happy to see someone they know dead.

There, The Witch Doctor has uttered the unthinkable!

However, this is not shocking. These people are not necessary hard-nosed psychopaths. Most will be ordinary folks. Some would like to see others dead because of empathy for their suffering. Others would like to see others dead because of their own suffering brought on by others. That suffering might, for example, even be due to watching another suffering. There are other even less altruistic reasons and no doubt these are common too, albeit secret. Most people with these thoughts do not participate in manslaughter or murder and they have no intention of killing anyone. Their moral compass (the instrument some ethicists and philosophers question exists) keeps them from such aggressive and antisocial behaviour.

However, if the law of the land allowed voluntary euthanasia, even with all its “safeguards” whatever they might be, then a little green light gradually lights up “the moral compass” of certain individuals with the aforementioned unmentionable thoughts.

Even “The Moral Compass” can creep.

Maybe that is why some ethicists and philosophers don’t think it exists.

The green light puts a different slant on things. It becomes OK to be so “caring” about a “suffering” relative that the individual with murderous thoughts might encourage them behind closed doors to use the deadly potion prescribed by some doctor or another who does not believe in “Slippery Slopes.” Or perhaps if they can’t find a willing doctor, some other kind of health care worker will be sent to climb a few steps on The Skills Escalator so they are suitably qualified and paid appropriately to do the prescribing deed.

Other motives creep in. Society, after all, is encouraging us to think differently about death.

Death is part of life….

Death matters…….

Death should be celebrated….

Dying matters….

The elderly should make way for the young…..

Autonomy trumps all.


If autonomy trumps all, then why cannot anyone be helped to die whenever they choose to do so?

What about the Kerrie Wooltortons of the world?

And what about sadness?

Why can’t the extremely healthy but lonely, grieving, individual choose to be helped to die because they want to meet their beloved relatives in Heaven?

Is that not a good enough reason to help someone die and is well within the construct of “autonomy trumps all?”

Ah, but that’s very stupid, since there isn’t such a place as Heaven they’ll say.

Ashes to ashes.

Dust to dust.

The Wise Men need to protect individuals from the concept of Heaven.

Let’s assume that everyone who believes in Heaven is as mad as a hatter and therefore not fit to be autonomous.

Let’s roll in the psychiatrists and lawyers to certify as insane anyone with a religious belief.

And so it goes on and on.

And becomes more and more tangled.

Perhaps there is no slippery slope after all.

Just a tangled mess…

P.S. If you don’t believe in slippery slopes and tangled messes, then have a look at what is happening in the Netherlands.

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