Posted by: Witch Doctor | January 20, 2012

Industrial action

From time to time The Witch Doctor finds it necessary to sharpen her brain by casting the spell that makes her young again.

On this occasion she is trying to remember what she can with regard to industrial action among doctors and others within the NHS.

Her memory is still dim even with the help of The Book of Spells, however here are some random thoughts regarding her recollections.

She can remember some very bizarre situations.

For example, once, when the porters were in strike, senior management had to do their work and she remembers how much they moaned at having to exercise themselves into the evenings and at weekends transporting patients. Management office doors are generally tight shut and locked over weekends and public holidays in WD’s neck of the woods. They will deny it of course, but it is absolutely true. Believe me, this witch knows more about this than anyone but telling you how she knows might reveal WD’s identity.

And that would never do!

She remembers too how the medical records and secretarial staff withdrew their labour and doctors were left to see patients without case notes at the clinics. A highly dangerous way of practising medicine! However, it seemed the doctors were more prepared to take this risk than cross a picket line to look out the records themselves. Or more likely than not, they didn’t know how the filing system in medical records worked. Case notes too were hidden in all sorts of nooks and crannies in various hospitals and doctors rooms. After that strike, doctors tended to hang on to patients notes longer than necessary in case more industrial action followed.

No doubt some resorted to The Lemon Technique.

She remembers university staff going on strike but nevertheless those who were medically qualified fulfilled all their clinical commitments but perhaps boycotted some university work.

She remembers strikes among laboratory staff when services had to be cut back to a bare minimum but emergency work was usually covered.

The Witch Doctor can recollect vaguely doctors going on a massive strike in another country far from the UK. Somebody followed it up with some research demonstrating that the death rate fell when doctors were on strike! The pro-euthanasia religion, and “we-must-have-revalidation-to-address-the-Harold-Shipman-phenomenon” brigade would no doubt read far too much into this!!!

I’m sure if she racked her brains, The Witch Doctor could remember more industrial action over the years within the NHS but she is having great difficulty remembering the medical profession striking in the UK.

Apparently there was a junior doctors strike in the 70’s but the young WD has no recollection of this and whether it involved direct patient care.

However, there was some industrial action among GPs at one time. The Witch Doctor can’t even remember when or even if she herself was a doctor then. She has no idea what the strike was about. All she can remember was that the GPs decided not to do the government’s work for them. They refused to sign sick lines or something like that but surgeries and home visits continued as before.

What is interesting is The Witch Doctor can remember what happened during the strikes but has no recollection whatsoever what any of these strikes were about or whether striking had any effect on what they were about!

Perhaps that is a valid point.

Has The Witch Doctor ever gone on strike?


Would she ever go on strike if the circumstances and cause were right?

She might tell you later.

On the other hand, she might not.

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