Posted by: Witch Doctor | February 26, 2012

Contemplating crocodiles


Dr Richard Wellings, of the Institute of Economic Affairs wrote a post recently on their blog that on first reading seemed to The Witch Doctor to be a spoof.

My Black Cat, on the other hand, was concerned that it was deadly serious.

So we added a comment or two over there asking Dr Wellings if his post was indeed a wind up.

Sadly, although Dr Wellings has replied to other commenters, he has ignored both My Black Cat and The Witch Doctor. We have received no reassurances.

The conclusion, therefore, is that My Black Cat was correct in her assessment.

The post is NOT a spoof!

So, having concluded it is not a spoof, The Witch Doctor thinks it would be a good idea for every patient, health care worker and indeed anyone who has concerns over the Health and Social Care Bill and the future of the NHS to visit this site.

You can bet members of HMG have read it!

It should be remembered that The Institute of Economic Affairs is said to be one of the most influential think tanks. If RW’s post is anything to go by, the inhabitants of this tank think they have the solution to the woes of the NHS. It seems that they feel the government is not going far enough with their reforms. Indeed it seems that they are saying that the NHS should be disbanded and handed over to entrepreneurs and they be given complete freedom to be as entrepreneurial as they can possibly be.

Here is what some are saying about the Institute of Economic Affairs.

“…undoubtedly the most influential think tank in modern British history.” – ANDREW MARR

“…the IEA is always challenging and thought-provoking.” – DAVID LAWS MP

“The IEA continues to show the vitality and relevance of free market economics.” – DAVID WILLETTS MP

“…the IEA is the home of good economic analysis applied to public policy.” – ALLISTER HEATH, CITY AM

The question The Witch Doctor is asking is this:

For whose benefit is their plan for abolishing the NHS?

The Witch Doctor cannot for the life of her see how the patient will benefit from the deliberations of this think tank.

She can see how others may benefit though.

She previously asked the question:

Are there crocodiles in Think Tanks?

She thinks she has found the answer.



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