Posted by: Witch Doctor | March 31, 2012

Cherie Blair : Will she help doctors and patients?


Well, now that the Health and Social Care Bill has become an Act, we should be extremely grateful that Tony Blair is no longer Prime Minister.

Why is that, My Black Cat?

His dear wife Cherie would otherwise have been overwhelmed with duties in keeping with the role of the Prime Minister’s wife. Doubtless she would not have had the time to spread her wings into caring for the health of the nation.

What do you mean, My Black Cat? Is Cherie training to become a doctor?

No, no, no. Better than that! She will see to it that GPs remain employed. And this must be a “Good Thing” since the Financial Times reports today that there will soon be an excess of about 20,000 doctors and they will need to be employed overseas if the predictions of the “Horizon Scanners” at The Centre of Workforce Intelligence are to be believed.

How will Cherie Blair help?

The equity fund “Allele” that she co-founded plans to open about 100 private health centres in the UK. Somebody called J Sainsbury seems to be helpful in starting the ball rolling.

Fancy that, My Black Cat. What exactly does she plan to achieve?

She seems to be passionate about improving medical outcomes.

Really? That is a very noble passion, My Black Cat.

I could swear My Black Cat that we very briefly tapped into her passion in a post we did in 2011.


This lead us to another company that she founded with the odd name of “Mee Healthcare” the “One Stop connection for Quality HEALTH, WELLNESS and LIFE “

The Mee website is not fully functional yet but no doubt it will in time give all sorts of information that will ensure the well-being of the nation.

Do you suppose, My Black Cat, that the Scots, the Welsh and the Irish won’t miss out on this wonderful new resource?

Will they too be offered the chance of Health, Wellness and Life?

Or, without Cherie Blair and J Sainsbury’s interventions, will they be left to suffer from Illness, Sickness and Death?

Is it possible that the healthcare of the devolved parliaments will diverge into the 360 degrees horizon in an attempt to relocate below the curve of Mother Earth to escape the Horizon Scammers Scanners and the interventions of the former Prime Minister’s wife?

Surely not, My Black Cat.

Surely not.


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