Posted by: Witch Doctor | April 26, 2012

Correcting a big mistake?


You made a mistake in your last post!

What mistake was that, My Black Cat?

You said that learning by rote was the lowest form of learning.

So it is.

No it isn’t!

What form of learning could be inferior to rote learning, My Black Cat?

Learning by protocol!

That is not a form of learning, stupid cat. Assuming an individual can read, following a protocol requires no learning at all so it cannot be classified as a form of learning.

Protocols originate from the Schoolroom for Zombies.

Protocols are not related in any way to Aide Memoires.

Aide Memoires originate from the user’s brain not from a distant committee of pontificators.

This is what we said in this blog about Protocols and Aide Memoirs some five years ago.



Witches never, ever, ever use protocols. They are dangerous things. Enslaving things. Brain stagnating things.

We use “Aide Memoires” though. All the time. Lest we forget. We scribble little “Post-its” to ourselves, we construct great long “to-do” lists, we stick magnets on the fridge, we play “Aide Memoire” tapes on our i-Pods as we fly around on our broomsticks, we make rows of little plaits in our hair, we put rings on the wrong fingers and shoes on the wrong feet, we tie knots in our cat’s tails, and of course we take a teaspoonful of the little memory enabling potion on the stroke of midnight.

And we fly, listen, watch, read, question, experiment. And every hour of every day, we learn.


We call it “Lifelong Learning.”

We add our daily learnings to our “Aide Memoires” Our complex brains are continually being moulded like a sculpture.

You see, “Aide Memoires” support the brains of the witching community. We create our own “Aide Memoires.” We don’t use anyone elses. Of course not. And in so doing we retain ownership of our own brains. We witches have good, experienced brains which we cherish.

Our “Aide Memoires” are fingerprints of our brains. Unique. Just ours.

In the witching community, we consider our brains to be our greatest asset. Even greater than the Book of Spells which is after all only one of our oldest “Aide Memoires.”

We never, ever use protocols. Brains are much better.

Protocols replace brains.

Protocols are composed by committees.

Protocols are owned by committees.

Protocol users must obey the committees.

Protocol users must disobey their brains.

The brain follows the rule “Use it or lose it.”

Protocols are never wrong because protocol committees are composed of experts.

Experts are never wrong.

When a protocol goes wrong, it is because it was not followed properly.

When a protocol goes wrong the committee is not to blame.

Experts are never wrong.

The minor protocol user with the atrophied brain is to blame.

The minor protocol user with the atrophied brain is dispensible.

The major protocol committee is not.

Experts are never wrong.

No one of any importance will take the blame.

Accountability is lost.

Experts are never wrong.

The Witch Doctor wonders why Human Doctors, too, don’t always cherish their brains.

Ah… The vanishing Independent Medical Practitioner

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  1. We need to bring back thinking doctors. True to form, WD.

  2. Dear WD,

    It reminds me of a College Guidelines Committee that I sat on a while back. We had to grade all recommendations level of evidence by the Scottish Intercollegiate guidelines: A evidence from good RCT, B evidence from good non RCT evidence, C evidence from panels of experts.

    For most of our guidelines we could not even find evidence at level C; yet our guidance is now cited by other guidance as level C, as we were a “committee of experts”!

  3. My Black Cat is sitting on a stone looking vacant. She says she is designing a study where all committees in the country are made illegal for a period of two years to confirm a theory that she is incubating….

    • Oh dear, a moratorium on committees? What will I do in place of seeing patients? I know….. Revalidation folder!

      Best wishes WD and BC

  4. […] “…What form of learning could be inferior to rote learning, My Black Cat? […]

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