Posted by: Witch Doctor | June 15, 2012

Lunatics, spells and abolition of the NHS

Well, My Black Cat, it would be nice to think that our last post where we drew attention to the Institute of Economic Affairs’ deliberations on the abolition of the NHS, has resulted in a little flurry of activity in the blog that forbids paragraphs in its comments.

After all, our post “Whither your pensions then” was released into the blogosphere on 2 June 2012 and new comments started to come in on “How to Abolish the NHS,” on the blog that forbids paragraphs, on 3 June 2012 after a period of inactivity.

If we have given the “paragraph forbidden” conversation a prod over there, then perhaps blogging is worthwhile after all, My Black Cat.

What do you suppose?

Do you think we are responsible?


You think Mr Welling’s post is a conspiracy to persuade The Humankind to Form, Storm, Norm and then Perform over a country without an NHS? You think they hope that many of The Humanind will creep into thinking along the lines of Richard Welling and his cronies over at the “most influential think tank in modern British history” – the Think Tank that also seems to be trying to control us all into writing without paragraphs?

Don’t be ridiculous, My Black Cat, There is no conspiracy. One commenter, a Mr O’Brien, may have managed to hit the nail on the head without the need of paragraphs.

He used only six words.

“You are a lunatic Mr Wellings! “

I suppose his comment will be disdainfully ignored just as they ignored the little gens we cast before them when we were forced to comment without paragraphs.

Now, if you skulk over there while you hunt for rats, you will find they are now entering into a discussion over revalidation. Also, there is a remark (without paragraphs) over there about doctors and their pensions.

“I don’t care what the ‘medical community’ think – as we have seen recently over the issue of pensions, self-interest is their over-riding priority.”

Such a comment is predictable.

What worries My Black Cat, much more than the rights or wrongs of doctor’s pensions, is the complete lack of judgment of the medical profession when some of them voted for industrial action over this matter. After all, they had ample opportunity to decide to strike against the Health and Social Care Bill becoming an Act. Over this issue they could even have taken industrial action in such a way that would have benefited direct patient care – permanently.

We worry when doctors display poor judgment.

Even more than when think tanks do.

Don’t we, My Black Cat?

P.S. Dearie, dearie me, My Black Cat, even as we write this post, it seems a spell has escaped from The Cauldron and made its way across to the Institute of Economic Affairs.

The moderator has closed all future comments.

Or perhaps they are just worrying about the ugliness of prose without paragraphs.

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  1. I think they’re more worried about the Anon who gave a list of all the laws they would have to abolish in order to abolish licensing of doctors. They don’t like arguing with people who know what they’re talking about. As well as not liking paragraphs, in case someone gives a coherent considered explanation of why they are lunatics. But I really think this strike over pensions is a really, really bad idea, and it is easy mud for the likes of Richard Wellings to throw at the doctors.

  2. Please keep posting.

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