Posted by: Witch Doctor | July 29, 2012

Blessed be The Cauldron


To be honest, neither The Witch Doctor nor My Black Cat are much into competitive sport, although we have been known to participate in The Broomstick Race where the winner comes last.

We did, however, marvel at the Olympic Opening Ceremony.

We realised it was a Work of Art.

Not all of The Humankind understands what art is about.

Art doesn’t have to make a statement.

It might.

But it doesn’t have to.

The artist who orchestrated the Olympic Art was Danny Boyle.

Only he knows whether he was making a statement or not.

If he was, only he knows what that statement is.

As a true artist, he will likely not be telling the whole story.

He will allow others to look for The Art Statement that may or may not be there.

The Artist stands in the wings silent.

He might marvel as others interpret his art.

He might even be very amused.

Take The Art in the Opening Olympic Ceremony concerning our National Health Service.

It caused a bit of a curfuffle!

There were lots of interpretations over the meaning of this NHS Olympic art form.

Was it a political statement?

Did the world know what the NHS was about?

Had they heard of The Health and Social Care Act 2012?

Someone called Emma Bolland dared to Tweet a photo of the Olympic Site overprinted with a message about saving the NHS.

They say, that in this free country of ours, Twitter immediately suspended the NHS thread during the opening ceremony.

So they say…..

No doubt The Artist watched quietly from the wings and smiled.

No doubt he smiled again when Tory MP Aiden Burley, of Nazi fancy dress fame, tweeted that the opening ceremony was “leftie multicultural crap.”

An MP has every right to express his opinion however wrong it may or may not be or how wise or unwise it is to express it. Better in a free country to “let it all hang out” than have his disquiet festering away. At least the voters in his constituency now know a bit more about him and can adjust their voting pattern accordingly.

They are calling for David Cameron to “step in” over Aiden Burley’s tweet.

Goodness me, Twitter seemed to be a dangerous place to be that night, My Black Cat!

The Olympic Opening Ceremony was all very artistic and very interesting.

However The Big Moment for all the witches and black cats the world over was, of course:

The Cauldron!

Later we’ll tell you all the witchy gossip about The Cauldron.

If we can be bothered……..

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