Posted by: Witch Doctor | August 13, 2012

The Greatest Cauldron of them all


The 2012 London Olympics:

The Olympic Cauldron surpasses anything that we witches have ever used.

“Its not just a thing – it’s a moment.”

The Great Cauldron has been extinguished.

Or has it?

We witches suppose you noticed that The Great Cauldron was made up of many component parts – each carried by a representative of each participating country. Not carried by an athlete, but by a child of that country.

We also suppose that you noticed that no one person lit The Great Cauldron.

We also suppose you noticed that no elite athlete past or present lit The Great Cauldron.

Those who carried it were young and unknown.

Those who lit it were young and unknown.

They are the future.

The youth of the world united 206 copper petals to produce an impressive work of art that can now only be remembered, not seen: for now the flame has gone out, The Great Cauldron will be dismantled and its individual petals will travel back to 206 countries of the world.

The assembled Great Cauldron was just a moment in time.

We don’t suppose you even noticed that the number of teenagers who lit The Great Cauldron was SEVEN.

SEVEN is The Witching Number.

So, you might be right to assume there was some magic about at the 2012 London Olympics.

The Witches of the world hope The Great Cauldron, scattered and yet preserved throughout the planet, will remind The Youth of the world how it is possible for the nations of the world to unite in peaceful competition.

We hope also that The Spell will not be lost on The Leaders of all these countries. We hope they will all imagine peace in the world and how they each have, residing within himself or herself, fashioned out of neurones rather than copper, a component to enable worldwide peace.

We witches once thought that The Medical Profession practising their art, craft and science throughout the world carried within themselves a component that could be spread to enable world peace, or at least challenge atrocities.

That witchy thought over the years has been eroded.

The Medical Profession has been and still is as vulnerable as the rest of The Humankind to the type of Creep that can lead to atrocities. Education, knowledge, devotion, competitiveness, and membership of the caring professions: none of these are safeguards against the most horrible of Creeps.

The Creep that leads to Evil.

We don’t suppose you noticed that, as the Olympic opening ceremony unfolded before your eyes and on your television screens, Assad’s tanks were moving into Aleppo.

Sure, there are atrocities going on all over the world.

But what is significant about Syria is that it’s leader, President Bashar Al Assad is a qualified medical practitioner who did some of his postgraduate training in London.

Perhaps artists such as Thomas Heatherwick and Danny Boyle are genetically more protected from Creep than the rest of The Humankind, because artists’ works stand alone. Their works are unique. Perhaps their thoughts are unique too.

Perhaps they do not follow.

Perhaps they rarely creep.

Perhaps the greatest artists are the true leaders of the world.

Perhaps they are the ones who will harness the power of the next generation and slowly and gently lead them into a world of peace.

Who knows …….

As sure as Hell the creeping medical profession won’t.

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  1. The actions of both sides in Syria make me sad. The latest video of FSA atrocities does make me wonder whether they are any better than Assad.

    In war, bad behaviour always seems to drive out good until atrocities are performed by both sides.

    How can we help? I do not know, and that makes me sad. Syrians are such lovely people, except to each other it seems.

    Dr Phil

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