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Anders Breivik is sane


So, Anders Breivik is sane.

He has crept into a strange ideology and, believing that his ideas are right, cannot acknowledge the evil within himself.

Hopefully, he has failed as a leader and operated alone.

Hitler was a more efficient leader.

Hopefully, there is no movement in Norway following Breivik.

Hopefully few others have crept into believing in his “manifesto”

Although in quite a different context, perhaps the Witch Doctor’s antagonism to the fashionable “Leadership Culture” such as that endorsed by outfits such as “Common Purpose” and the ridiculous “leadership” preoccupation within the NHS just now is to do with the fact that she believes each individual should always beware of abdicating their responsibilities to a so-called “leader.”

A “good leader” is a rare being.

Many “leaders” are stupid or lack judgment. Some are irresponsible. A few are evil.

Many “leaders” are themselves followers.

A follower is not a whole person.

A follower defaults on his capacity to think for himself.

A follower is susceptible to Creep.

Below are some of the Witch Doctor’s musings posted on this blog on 26 July 2011 following the Norwegian the atrocity last year.

It is an atrocity that should continue to be carefully considered, because it is an education on the conception and birth of creeping evil.



It will be obvious to those reading this blog that The Witch Doctor is obsessed with Creep whereas My Black Cat sees life as a huge cauldron bubbling with Conspiracies.

My Black Cat is stupid of course, and most of her antics should be ignored although occasionally she stumbles upon something quite interesting.

That something invariably turns out to be Creep rather than Conspiracy.

The time has come to say a little more about the Witch Doctor’s obsession with “Creep.”

When The Witch Doctor was a child, she attended a UK primary school where everyone was white. Everyone. Teachers too. This is because everyone who stayed in the area was white. There were a few “foreigners” however – about a dozen maybe in the school. Most of the “foreigners” were British but came from another part of the UK and spoke English with a different dialect. There were Italian children too in the neighbourhood, whose parents probably came over to the UK during the war. These children spoke with our dialect but we were particularly interested in them because of their dark Mediterranean looks. They were quite popular too – probably because there was often an association with ice cream. They didn’t attend The Witch Doctor’s school because most of them were Catholics. Their school was further away.

The Witch Doctor has no recollection of Jewish children at the school. There may have been some, but they would only have been noticed if they spoke with a different dialect.

There was one child at the school whose mother was German. She could speak German fluently and this fascinated the rest of the class. The Witch Doctor was quite friendly with her for a while and sometimes visited her house for tea. It was there that she first came across an Advent Calendar and learned that in Germany Christmas was celebrated on a different day than in the UK. It was all a bit odd but interesting.

If a new girl joined the class, the rest of us looked after her especially if she came from a different part of the country and found difficulty understanding the local dialect. We befriended her and asked all about where she used to live. She would become very popular until she settled in and just became one of us. Heaven knows what happened if a new boy appeared. We weren’t particularly interested in boys during these early years. I suppose he just played football with the other boys.

In secondary school it was much of the same. Everyone was white and the “foreigners” originated from some other part of the UK, although once an American girl appeared temporarily while visiting the country with her family. She was a great hit. None of us had been to America so there was much to talk about.

Then, one day when we were older, a “foreign” boy appeared at the school. He had dark skin, black hair and very dark brown eyes. He spoke English with a foreign accent rather than a different dialect. He was Indian. He was also extraordinarily good looking and seemed a lot better mannered and more mature than any other male at the school at the time. He even started up his own business while at school and that gained him a lot of respect. He was very popular and remained so till we all left school.

The Witch Doctor believes that children, left to their own devices are not usually bigoted towards other children that seem different. They are interested in the differences, explore them, and welcome them.

But adults can change this approach of children to each other – sometimes in subtle ways.

At home, The Witch Doctor’s parents had a few friends and in modern parlance, they might be considered “diverse.” They were particularly friendly with two Catholic families (we were not Catholics), and a Jewish family all of whom had been friends since my parent’s childhood. My father also had a Malaysian friend called “Freddie.” These friends sometimes came for meals at weekends and we would sometimes visit them.

Even as a teenager, The Witch Doctor was a naïve little witch, partly because she never really studied history. She found she could not engage with dates and horrible bloody battles that seemed very stupid and happened a long time ago. Also she didn’t much like her history teacher because he called all the girls by their surnames, seemed to delight in wars, and acted as if he was a sergeant major.

However, at some point, by listening into various adult conversations over the years, The Witch Doctor gradually discovered Freddie had a story to tell. He had been tortured in a concentration camp during WW2.

The Witch Doctor will not tell you the details. Suffice it to say when she finally realised the significance of what she had learned, it wakened her up with a jolt. Indeed she spent many sleepless nights contemplating the cruelty that Freddie had experienced. She sometimes wept for him. Freddie had introduced her to an atrocious world that she did not know existed.

Just about the same time, she became aware there was bigotry in the world. It was even going on round about her but she had never noticed it before. The bigotry was often subtle and sanitised but it was there all right. The Witch Doctor does not like the modern fashion of “political correctness” because she thinks it often conceals bigotry rather than tackles it.

Later on as a medical student, The Witch Doctor was taught rather graphically about some practices of African Witch Doctors. This information made her physically sick and caused her even more sleepless nights.

She even wondered if she was emotionally suited to being a doctor, but she kept going anyway.

Then, as a doctor, The Witch Doctor had a patient who had been in Auschwitz as a teenager. She was still troubled by the experience many decades later and sometimes talked about it to The Witch Doctor. It reminded The Witch Doctor about Freddie and of man’s inhumanity to man.

So, it is not surprising that The Witch Doctor has since asked herself many questions about Nazi Germany. Was Hitler mad? What did he feel about those close to him? Did he think what he was doing the right thing for humanity? How did he gain support? Did those supporting him know of the atrocities? Why did the Germans or the Jews not notice what was happening earlier? Why did they not stop him? Why did the populous keep their heads under the parapet?

Above all, how would The Witch Doctor have behaved if she had been a doctor in Nazi Germany during the Hitler regime?

She asks herself questions about the psyche of people like Harold Shipman.

And about those who use insulin as a murder tool.

And doctors who participate in torture or executions.

Right now, The Witch Doctor is contemplating what kind of individual would over many years meticulously plot cold-blooded mass murder on an island full of teenagers after blowing up the centre of Oslo.

There are more learned brains than The Witch Doctor’s asking these questions about the Norwegian murderer right now. No doubt some think they have an answer.

The Witch Doctor has not found an answer to the type of psyche underlying various obscene atrocities against humanity. However, she does not believe that in many instances it is due to conventional “madness.”

Madness would be much easier to understand.

She believes, however, that “Creep” can be an important factor in changing and influencing individuals who were not born wicked or mad.

We all Creep to a greater or lesser extent.

She has read some of the 1518 page document called “2083 – A European Declaration of Independence” and dated London 2011. This is the document that was produced by the Norwegian mass murderer who calls himself by the British sounding name “Andrew Berwick”.

From what she has read so far she does not think she detects madness as the force driving the author of this document, but rather political “Creep.” Previously undetected Creep that has fermented into something repugnant, rampant and dangerous and has only now manifest itself in terrible ways.

In the meantime Norway is grieving deeply as most of the world looks on with empathy, wrestling with emotions of sadness, anger and disbelief.

Afterwards. What then?

Will politicians and the rest of us recognise this “Creep” and try to do something about it?

And if so, what?

Or will we all just try to comfort ourselves by calling it “madness?”

Or will we just ignore that Creep exists and do things like answer facile questions about what makes us happy, so that the government can do really, really useful things like tick boxes and publish the UK’s “Happiness Index?”

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  1. Love the photos! Madness or insanity should never be an excuse nor should PTSD.

  2. I think that Mr Brevik was only declared sane in the legal sense. In that he knew his acts were wrong. In many ways he saw his violent acts as evils; but as nessecary evils in service of a “greater” good.

    Legal insanity is quite a different beast to insanity as we know it in medicine. Is he sane? I do not think so. He has fixed ideas of possibly delusional intensity coupled with rigidity of thought, grandiose and narcissic self importance and lived in an online half world of assumed roles. Very odd;

  3. The concepts of sanity, evil, and “the greater good” are all very confusing for a witch.

    The medical definition of sanity is generally easier because the diagnosis of psychosis has a defining line. If this definition is lost, then do most of us not have a smidgeon of insanity within us? Perhaps the ease that we creep is a measure of that insanity. Or perhaps in Breivik’s case he was a sane, modern, eugenics sympathizer who also had just the right combination of rigidity, grandiosity and narcissism, to creep easily into evil.

    He may well have regarded the killings as a necessary evil, as many would regard war, but I doubt if he considers himself to be evil.

  4. Chesterton has an interesting definition of madness. He says ‘A madman is not someone who has lost his reason. He is someone who has lost everything except his reason.’ He explains that you can give a reasoned explanation for any course of action at all as Brevik did, but you have to have lost all sense of empathy and humanity to do be capable of that. He concludes that sanity is more tied to the gut reaction we have to situations than the reasons that we would give for that, and just because something might be reasonable, does not mean that it is sane.

    • Can the ends ever justify any means? It seems that we consider as evil people who do find that justification fine.

      Psychosis is a very strange experience, but rarely pursued with the consistency and malice of thought as required for Breviks massacre. It requires other personality and character traits, as well as a cultural millieu that supports such acts.

      It gives me a lot of thought also.

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