Posted by: Witch Doctor | October 3, 2012

Intertwinglements : child abuse


When allegations of sexual abuse involving Jimmy Savile appeared in the press, The Witch Doctor’s initial reaction was fairly superficial – along the lines of “Why now? Why bring it up now when he can’t defend himself? “

However, My Black Cat is not one to let sleeping (or dead) dogs lie.

Child sexual abuse is a hideous crime. During her search for Intertwinglements, My Black Cat has often come across allegations of a cover-up of child sexual abuse in the highest places.

The Witch Doctor generally puts this down to My Black Cat’s penchant for conspiracy theories, makes a brief mental note about what she has told her, but then takes it with a pinch of salt. However in April 2009, My Black Cat insisted that some of the outcomes of her Intertwinglement “research” deserved a mention on this blog.

And so, as a consequence of her skulking about, we did a post referring to this bizarre situation in Jersey:


You’ll need to read it for yourself for it is a long story. The blogger who was targeted was Stuart Syvret a Jersey ex-senator who claims to be a whistle-blower regarding an alleged cover-up of child abuse on the island.

The Witch Doctor has no idea where the truth lies in any of this, however today, on following a few tweets from George Monbiot, she again came across Stuart Syvret who was the blogger being targeted in Jersey in 2009. He has continued to blog since.

Here is his recent post.

Following the trail, she then found this in today’s Times. (Paywall)


“Savile’s autobiography, As It Happens, describes some incidents which, in light of the recent allegations, have assumed a more sinister hue.

He writes of an incident at the Mecca Locarno ballroom in Leeds, where he worked as a DJ during the 1950s, when a female police officer came in with a photograph of “an attractive girl who had run away from a remand home”.
Savile writes: “ ‘Ah,’ says I all serious, ‘if she comes in I’ll bring her back tomorrow but I’ll keep her all night first as my reward’.” He then writes that the girl did go into the club and “agreed that I hand her over if she could stay at the dance, [and] come home with me”.
He wrote that he did then hand her over to the “lady of the law … [who] was dissuaded from bringing charges against me by her colleagues, for it was well known that were I to go I would probably take half the station with me”

It seems inconceivable that anyone would write this in an autobiography without it being challenged by readers and by the law.

Is this some kind of Savile-style humour?

It is also alleged that Jimmy Savile had been a frequent visitor to the Haut de la Garenne children’s home in Jersey.

What the devil (if anything) has been going on?

It is not the time to let sleeping dogs lie.

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  1. I think this is less about Jimmy Saville and more about Haut de la Guarenne now. There’s been a real cover up on this and Leah McGrath, who is an investigative journalist from the USA was banned from entering Jersey or Britain when it was discovered that she was going to write a book on the findings there. Amongst other discoveries at Jersey were found fragments of bone and 65 milk teeth, but the tests to establish the age of these fragments has not been done.

  2. Here’s the link;

  3. Investigative journalist Leah McGrath Goodman upset the regime in Jersey so much they’re keeping her out:

    And how much of this is true?:

  4. It may well turn out that the conspiracy theories that are rife on the internet on all sorts of matters may eventually lead to more openness all round about the things that really matter – openness rather than the current preoccupation with voyeurism. For example, the 100 year embargo on some documentation regarding the Dunblane Inquiry was eventually lifted due to public pressure and possibly also to countenance the conspiracy theories that must have been causing great distress to victims’ families (and maybe also some well known individuals alleged to be part of the conspiracy).

    It is easy to see how suspicion of a cover-up regarding child-protection develops in a small self-governed island where everyone knows everyone else and in addition relies heavily on tax evasion by some of the world’s richest people. You could imagine that some might even say “why wouldn’t there be a cover-up given these circumstances.”

    Perhaps the alleged Jimmy Savile link to Haut de la Guarenne will now result in some kind of truly independent review regarding what was and might still be going on in Jersey and, if there was indeed a cover-up, the reasons behind it. Something nasty did happen there – after all people were found guilty of child abuse and imprisoned, but many other abusers may have died in the interval. Apparently compensation was paid out to abused individuals. The whole thing needs revisiting even if there is no truth in the conspiracies. Perhaps Jersey should open its doors and welcome any ethical and well respected investigative journalist who wants to visit.

    What is interesting is how individuals such as Esther Rantzon and Janet Street-Porter are now saying publically that they were well aware over the years of the rumours surrounding Jimmy Savile’s habits with youngsters. Some are now criticising them for “doing nothing” about it. But these people are human and this is how human beings normally respond when Creep creeps in. Esther Rantzen’s response does not in fact defy belief.

    It is not individuals that need to be fingered about this. What needs to be tackled is how to recognise Creep.

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