Posted by: Witch Doctor | October 13, 2012

Just dreamin’


The Witch Doctor doesn’t understand all the reasons for sleep, but she is pretty sure they are important.

Take dreams….

The witch doctor has two recurrent dreams.

One happens fairly commonly and she suspects it might also be quite a common recurrent dream for others who have sat far too many exams to be healthy for one human being.

The dream is never about success in an exam. It’s not really about failure either although no doubt that would be a consequence. It is always about walking into an examination hall having done no preparation, no studying at all and being unable to answer any question in the paper. It really is a bit of a nightmare and usually wakens up The Witch Doctor and so sacrifices her beauty sleep (as you can see from the image at the top of the page).

The lifestyle background for this dream is obvious.

On the other hand there is another recurring dream that is quite beautiful but much less common. The background for this dream probably relates to the fact that The Witch Doctor from toddlerhood onwards has always had a love of paper, pencils, crayons and paint. As a teenager this love affair continued but incorporated student quality oil paints, painting boards, canvases, books on the great painters and endless crawling around art exhibitions. Once she had the money as a doctor to buy the very best artists quality oils, watercolour paints and paper and pure linen canvas, these were gradually added to her love affair. Her heart still misses a beat when she comes across the mingling scents of oil paint and turpentine.

And yes, she painted too, and in spite of periods (sometimes years) of rest, she still tries to. Sometimes she paints well, sometimes very badly but always frustratingly.

Sometimes she wonders what her life would have been like if she had studied art instead of medicine. Would she have been able to afford artists quality materials without the medical income?

Anyway, the dream……..

The dream only happens a few times each year but it is memorable. In the dream a beautiful painting appears in front of The Witch Doctor. She examines the painting carefully. It is always a masterpiece but never the same one. But there is no master. The Witch Doctor is now certain, after experiencing many of these dreams, that she has never seen the paintings before. She can see the composition – every colour, technique, brushstroke so clearly that she is certain they come from her own brain – her imagination, her creativity unleashed by sleep. The dream gradually wakens her up and she goes through a stage that she could even copy the painting accurately on to her own canvas if she could catch the dream for long enough

But the dream gradually fades away.

Last night she had a dream that she has never had before. She had a dream about algebra. The equation floated in front of her dreaming eyes and she wakened immediately. She caught the dream. It has not yet faded away.

This is the image of the equation:


It was a horrible dream.

She hopes these mathematical dreams don’t become recurrent.

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  1. Haut de la Guarenne is haunting you. It’s bothering me too..

  2. Quite right, Julie. I fear that preoccupation with a possible culture of general sexual harassment within the BBC will eclipse the other alleged and serious crimes of child abuse and rape especially within the NHS and children’s homes. Haut de la Guarenne is a particular concern because people there have been jailed, compensation has been paid, children are said to be unaccounted for, body parts were found and then unfound, two senior police officers who were “outsiders” were sacked, an ex minister of health whistleblew and ended up in jail, and an investigative journalist who wants to write a book about the place is not allowed to enter the UK.

    And then Jimmy Savile’s name crops up. He was there! He was questioned at the time of the investigation.

    None of this is healthy. Hopefully the hauntings will spread throughout the UK as well as Jersey and somehow the truth, whatever it is, will come out.

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