Posted by: Witch Doctor | October 17, 2012

Gropes, rape and child abuse


It was probably a couple of decades ago that it became fashionable for the NHS, universities and no doubt other institutions to circulate documents outlining procedures if a member of the staff felt they were being sexually harassed. In these days it was generally considered to be in the context of man in the work-place harassing woman (over sixteen) in the same workplace. The Witch Doctor remembers binning these documents because they made her feel she was being downgraded to the kindergarten. Indeed it could even be said that she was indignant that her masters seemed to think that women like her didn’t know how to cope with a bit of testosterone surfacing from time to time.

The fact is that women are not all angels like The Witch Doctor, and many might have been flattered by “harassing” overtures and, being of an age of consent, might indeed, by their attitudes or actions, in effect appear to consent even if no word of affirmation was spoken. Indeed they might later deny that consent was given or implied. “Chatting up” was a common stepwise procedure in the workplace in these days and what amounted to sexual harassment was often no more that an ill-defined perception by the man and woman.

Consenting vaguely or not, the woman could adopt the alternative approach of bashing the harassing creep with her handbag where it hurt most and tell him what to do with his testosterone.

She is pretty sure if Jimmy Savile approached the young Witch Doctor with his gropes he would have had a mega taste of the handbag broomstick treatment.

However, this video shows how Jimmy Savile reacts when mildly challenged so perhaps the handbag treatment would have brought out an intimidating side to his character that might have been difficult to cope with if you weren’t a witch.

While it helps obtain an overall picture of the man, it bothers The Witch Doctor that the current adult groping stories are being given more airing than the far more serious alleged crimes of rape in adults and rape or other forms of sexual abuse in children or vulnerable adults.

The other thing that is bothering The Witch Doctor is that the focus of activity on the BBC might diminish and divert from those alleged crimes in Leeds General Hospital, Stoke Mandeville Hospital, Broadmoor and children’s homes.

She is particularly concerned about Jimmy Savile’s alleged visits to Haut de la Gaurenne, the children’s home in Jersey that hit the headlines a few years ago. The whole thing is shrouded in oddness and there are still allegations of cover-ups floating around.

Julie has much more to say on the situation regarding children in care and also raises some interesting affiliations of two of our high profile female politicians with the Paedophile Information Exchange and Paedophile Action for Liberation. It would be good if these two women could both offer the public some explanation for their views and affiliations at that time.

Just to help us to understand.

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  1. Don’t know what to make of this at all on Digital Spy

    Scroll down to comment 3710. I found this again on ‘Before it’s News’ but it’s not very reliable. I’ve not been able to trace the source yet. Then again, it could explain why Harriet Harman is so eager to establish her credentials as anti – paedophile.

  2. It’s an interesting thread on Digital Spy and more measured than many but the letter seems to originate from elsewhere – places that you might find a black cat browsing as she searches out her conspiracies.

    I suppose if JS was a member of PIE someone still alive will know. It wouldn’t be very surprising if he was. Perhaps Harriet Harman or Patricia Hewitt might remember something about it. I suspect the police will question them about their knowledge of these “Liberty” affiliated pro-paedophile groups that were intellectually trying to change the views of society at that time.

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