Posted by: Witch Doctor | October 24, 2012

Jimmy Savile : it’s all going off piste


The Witch Doctor’s recent post on “Gropes, rape, and child abuse” was supposed to be a warning.

“While it helps obtain an overall picture of Jimmy Savile, it bothers The Witch Doctor that the current adult groping stories are being given more airing than the far more serious alleged crimes of rape in adults and rape or other forms of sexual abuse in children or vulnerable adults.”

But is The Humankind heeding it?

Of course not! Why in the name of all that’s wonderful would anyone pay attention to an old witch’s blog?

Yesterday, there was some quite aggressive questioning of George Entwistle by MPs. The Witch Doctor often wonders if these select committees could improve on the information they obtain if they used a gentler approach rather than blatant cross examination with the world watching on. But that is a subject for another post.

Yesterday the focus was mainly on the BBC. They wanted to know who knew what, who said what and to whom, and who was to blame for burying the Newsnight programme regarding Jimmy Savile.

Heavens, even a witch could see they couldn’t show a programme outpouring the evidence that Jimmy Savile might be a paedophile AND show a Christmas programme celebrating his life and works.

The two were incompatible. One of these programmes had to go. Or, better still, both of them. In view of the allegations it might have been more appropriate if neither of them had surfaced at that time until they were certain the Newsnight programme offered sufficient evidence that would have crucified Savile if he had still been alive.

But no, everyone’s knickers seem to have twisted into a mega- Intertwinglement.

And now there is a suggestion that there may be a paedophile ring infiltrating the BBC involving all sorts of people in the higher echelons of society.

Maybe this is the case, but where is the evidence?

Then in last night’s Newsnight, they beamed in some female BBC biddy who was in the USA and the conversation seemed to be more about discrimination against females in the BBC workplace.

Bad as that may be, that is NOT the issue.

Once more:

The issue is not about sexual discrimination.

The issue is not about the sexual harassment of adults above the age of consent.


What is it about paedophilia that The Humankind can’t understand, My Black Cat?

Can you explain it to them? Where is the article by Nick Davies that we mentioned yesterday?


Here are some extracts:

“Following the story in the Guardian, which was linked to an ITV documentary, Dutch police traced Bjorn’s accent to an area in the north of Holland, where they combed through files of reported child abuse – and found him. It turned out that he had contacted the authorities a year earlier to complain that a Dutch man, whom he named, had been drugging and raping him since he was only three years old, most recently with the assistance of an English man. The Dutch man had been tried and – in the absence of the video – he had been acquitted. He had then sued Bjorn for making a malicious complaint against him. Bjorn had collapsed into mental illness and been given refuge in an orphanage.”

“Equally, it is easier to confuse a child than an adult. A woman who spent four years from the age of seven being raped regularly by her stepfather, told the Guardian she had never thought to complain: “I thought it was normal, I thought everyone was going home from school and being hurt by their dad.” Children have emerged from abuse to report variously that they were told that there was a bomb inside them which would explode if they disclosed what was happening; that there was no point in telling because no one would believe them and they would be put into care; or, commonly, that the abusive parent would be sent to prison, thus destroying the family and bringing hardship and misery to the other parent.”

“Even though most abusers – whatever their age or sex – work alone, there is clear evidence of some conspiracy, of the existence of paedophile rings, sometimes deliberately infiltrating parts of the child protection system, often taking advantage of each other’s political or social power to conceal their activities.

Researchers at Manchester University trawled the records of eight police areas in search of cases of organised abuse and they concluded that nationally they would expect to find 242 cases every year where children were the victims of adults who had colluded together to use them for sex. They noted, in line with other specialist researchers, that these official records probably captured only one tenth of the truth. It is these cases of organised abuse which present some of the most frightening incidents.”

You can read a whole selection of Nick Davies’ articles on paedophilia HERE.

This is what we should be focusing on re the Savile allegations. Not whether women in the BBC are finding it “difficult” to cope with sexual harassment or are feeling they are being bypassed in promotion.

These are different issues and raising them to the extent they are becoming predominant  is diverting from the real problem. Children who have had, or will in the future have their childhood tainted for ever or perhaps much worse than that, are not benefitting from these outpourings.


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  1. I think that the BBC biddy was Radio 2 DJ Janice Long. I agree she got away from the point and did not put the case well.

    I have never liked the word “paedophilia”; there is nothing child loving about child molesters. The distinction from other forms of abusive sexual relationships is a more nuanced one though. A seventeen year old having consensual sex with a fifteen year old as part of a relationship is quite different to what Saville was apparently up to with vulnerable young girls, some younger than 16 some over that age.

    Similarly the accusations about the deceased MP Morrison featured in Parliament today, who was apparently was picked up by the police in the eighties for sex with underage boys. At the time the age of consent for homosexual men was 21 years, now it is sixteen. It seems that those boys would now be legal sexual partners. So is his behaviour now OK?

    Sexual predators, whether in the BBC or in Rochdale, target the young and vulnerable because these are easier to rape and exploit, but our disgust should not just be reserved for those below an arbitrary age of consent.

    The extent of depravity, and the connivance with the perpetrators because of their celebrity status depresses me.

    Best wishes

    Dr Phil

  2. Breaking news: St John International head office in London have this week made the decision to grant awards to two known members of a paedophile gang in New Zealand. The awards are to be presented by the Queen’s representative in NZ, the Governor General.

  3. Agree, Dr Phil, that paedophilia is now a corrupt term ranging from the unselfish love of a child to child murder and everything in between. Perhaps it should be replaced by the overall term child abuse subdivided into child sexual abuse, child molestation, and child rape to describe the more serious end of the spectrum.

    I think it was Ken Clarke who became unpopular in expressing there was a spectrum of severity regarding rape. He was quite right of course as in your examples above. But I suppose to work, legal systems need definitions and it is up to a sensible and compassionate judge to decide when leniency is indicated.

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