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Jimmy Savile, Winterbourne scandal : two questions


My Black Cat is asking me a couple of questions.

If you were employing a nanny for your young child, or even an occasional baby sitter would you have offered the job to:

1. Jimmy Savile?
2. Any member of the Winterbourne staff  sentenced in court yesterday?

However, My Black Cat inserted a catch to these questions.

You have to imagine that Savile is still alive (obviously) and there are no allegations of paedophilia against him i.e. he is still regarded as St Charity.

You have also to imagine that the Winterbourne scandal didn’t happen and you were interviewing these members of staff not knowing what was going on in in that care home.

The Witch Doctor found these questions easy to answer. She said “No” to the first question and ‘Probably not” to the second.

The reason The Witch Doctor found them easy to answer is because she is a bigot.


The reason she is a bigot is because she uses a multitude of illogical criteria to judge people. Being a witch, experienced and enhanced neurones that are normally well hidden produce a firework display lighting up the whole of her brain when she tries to suss people out and since she does not apply reason to much of this process, you could say that most of her conclusions on this matter are unreasonable.

And unreasonable conclusions are often interpreted as a form of bigotry. Even worse they will likely be seen as a form political incorrectness.

And that would never do. Political incorrectness is not allowed in this country.

The Witch Doctor could ask herself these questions about many celebrities and others in high places and some in more lowly places. She could have asked these questions about some of the people The Witch Doctor knows very well.

They answer in many cases would be “no” for no obvious reason.

However, in these circumstances, The Witch Doctor would have to think long and hard before naming the people she is referring to, because she could not say, as she is doing now, that it is her illogical, unreasonable neurological synapses that are warning her that a child may not be safe in a particular person’s care.

That would be politically incorrect.

It would be bigoted.

It would also expose The Witch Doctor to the UK laws of libel if  names were named.

The Witch Doctor might even be reported to that great overarching and omnipotent disciplinary machine, The General Medical Council.

She might even lose her license to practice, just because she could not give a logical reason for not giving someone the job of looking after a vulnerable individual.

To bore you even more, here is a rehash of a post from the past at the time of the Winterbourne filming by Panorama.



 A few years ago, The Witch Doctor bought a new carpet and the shop she bought it from organised the carpet fitters for her.

They duly arrived.

Two of them.

They were thugs.

Loud, arrogant, insolent thugs.

The pair of them.

The Witch Doctor made a spot diagnosis.

She decided they were both psychopathic jail-birds.

She doesn’t know whether her diagnosis was correct.

It probably was.

Next time The Witch Doctor needs a new carpet, she will organise her own carpet fitter. She alone will decide who crosses her front door from now on.

This incident made her think about the vulnerability of patients who are cared for in the privacy of  their own homes by those who are not of their own choosing. Elderly people, for example, who rely on the ability of managers of outfits that are unknown to them to select suitable staff on their behalf.

She wondered whether it was difficult to find suitable staff among those who would accept poor wages, were not members of any profession, and who were trained only to the level of a few essential competencies.

She wondered how easy it would be for thugs to enter the healthcare system and harm patients in the solitude of their own homes.

She thinks it would be quite easy but she has no idea how often such harm really happens.

Probably nobody does.

Many years before she encountered her thuggish carpet fitters, The Witch Doctor dropped in to visit an elderly aunt in a care home. She was confused and as dry as a prune. She was very seriously dehydrated. Her blood biochemistry had surely gone dangerously haywire. She called the most senior person there. That person could see nothing wrong and tried to fob off The Witch Doctor. Bad mistake. It was in the days before mobile phones so WD marched into the duty room and dialled 999 for an ambulance. It turned out to be just as well she did.

The staff in this care home were not thugs. They didn’t knowingly harm their patients. They were well meaning. They just didn’t know what they were doing. Worse still they didn’t know that they didn’t know what they were doing because they lacked supervision from those who did.

The Witch Doctor didn’t watch Panorama last night exposing abuse at  Winterbourne View, a care home owned by Castlebeck but she has just viewed it on BBC iPlayer.

Sadly, very little shocks The Witch Doctor nowadays. Even this Panorama programme didn’t shock her but it made her very sad that in this civilised country we are employing thugs to look after the most vulnerable patients. In The Witch Doctor’s opinion, just like her carpet fitters, these members of staff were thugs, and they were creating a culture of cruel systematic thuggery within that care home.

There is a possibility that thugs are attracted to care homes and other similar jobs in much the same way that Thomas Hamilton, the Dunblane killer was attracted to taking children away on activity weekends.

There are far more bullying thugs around than there are murderers.

This means that all care home staff requires rigorous hands on supervision by well qualified professional staff at all times, day and night, to ensure any thug seeping into the system is immediately identified and dealt with. This supervision is also necessary to support those well meaning but poorly qualified staff to prevent an elderly lady like my aunt dying “peacefully in her sleep” just because she did not have a medically qualified niece who happened to pass by.

The degree of supervision required for the protection of the most vulnerable in society costs money.

Such supervision cannot be left to the Care Quality Commission

They have failed.

They have done so before.

They will do so again.

They will continually fail because they are not, and can never be, close enough to the problem.

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  1. You’re not the only one who’s a bigot/ has a good gut – Sir Roger Jones did as well;

  2. Yes, I noticed that too. It’s a pity the NHS institutions involved didn’t do the same. I suppose, in the era of the spreadsheet, the temptation to “follow the money” was too great.

  3. […] “The degree of supervision required for the protection of the most vulnerable in society costs… […]

  4. Winterbourne and all these secure residential units are owned by venture capitalists, be they private equity investors, NHS or charities. their mission is to make as much money as possible. And they are allowed to do this unchecked. They have a silent captive audience, removed from all scrutiny by care and mental health act orders, made into zombies by respiridone, so that they can be more effeciently managed, by any transcient workers, on the minimum wage.

    They exist in hundreds of homes all over the country, and the abuse uncovered for a moment, continues because it makes money, and therefore no one has any intention of stopping an abusive system, merely blaming the poor unfortunates who are forced to work on the minimum wage, and help make millions for their investors- but the real cash cows are the troubled, mentally disordered, who are tortured used, abused because they have no voice and their loved ones are excluded from their day to day existence.

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